Gear Carts - Anyone using one besides SilverFox?


This past June, I spent more time walking around shooting PD than I have in the past. I start off by using my shooting bench and later switch over to my tripod. I use the tripod because it much easier to relocate.

My tripod has a shoulder strap and only weighs 5 lbs so it's easy to carry. I put a few odds and ends in my back pack and take off. I've been very successful on my walks and will do more in the future.

Using a side by side, utility vehicle, ATV, etc., is not allowed driving around through the fields where I hunt. There are good 2 track roads to get me to the areas, but there's additional areas I would like to explore, or change positions to work with the wind.

I'm considering a small cart that I can pull behind me as I walk around, such as a garden cart, modified game cart, cooler cart etc.. The only person I know that uses one on a regular basis is a poster on this forum by the name of SilverFox. He has many good stories of his PD exploits posted here and on the Saubier forum.

Anyone else using a cart of some type? If you are, please post a photo and tell us about using it.

The photo below is from one of the threads by the SilverFox.


I'm leaning towards something like this one. It's collapsable and a removable tray could easily be added to the tubular base to help keep items in place.

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I use this one for hauling decoys for long distances. I extended the handle to make it easier to handle and to push, sometimes I would harness my retriever/pointer to it and let him pull it on flat terrain and it was easier with the long handle to walk behind and steer with him pulling.


My back yard wasn't accessible for deliveries so the game cart came in handy for moving materials. All the materials for the porch in the picture were hauled on the game cart also, my wife and I moved all the materials and built it together. The retriever/pointer /pulling machine thinks he needs to get into the act. Funny how animals learn to try and please you just by observing. Wifes herding dog would dig dandelions after watching my wife do it and my old AWS would dig clams after going on a clam dig, I didn't need a rake any more just follow Callie around the beach, she also learned to pick green beans and black berries but for her own consumption. I had a GSH that nearly started a war in the neighborhood picking tomatoes, everyone thought somebody was stealing them.


He never saw a live coyote but just kept pacing back and forth waiting for one of them to run. Life size targets for a shoot I put on.

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Do you remember who the manufacture is? I've thought about one similar to yours as well.

These two look really good. The first one is aluminum with 20" wheels. The second one is steel with 19" wheels.


mine was from the Cabela's bargin cave as the wheel was warped but a few hours in the sun and it was fine.
I use a Gorilla Wagon/ Cart when I go to the range with more than one Gun Case and a range bag full of shtuff. Makes it easy to get from the parking lot to the line.
I have thought about modifying a golf bag cart. Something for a rifle or two, ammo, water and a stool. I will not lay down in a dog town, ever. I would make sure and pack a revolver with some shot loads for serpent type varmints. I have a 45 Colt for such service.
I have a few ideas to use the cart as a tall bipod/skinny shooting bench.