Ghillie Supplies???


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Is there anything you could get a Walmart to make them? Could you buy some cheap white fabric and dye and cut into strips? Looking for cheap as possible.
Most ghillie suit materials are fire resistant or retardant.

I've heard several who have made their own but I'd look into finding a kit online.

I made one from a goose decoy bag. The size and netting was perfect to tie the strips and leaves onto. Just cut arm and neck holes and start tying! I used a camo blind material from HS that is sold at Wally World and cut it into strips and leaves. Worked great. I gave that one away... it was just to hot in the summer and cold in the winter! I'll stick to my Realtree! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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Yes you can buy the burlap you need and the camo paint and any other camo material you might want to add in, all at Walmart. And yes I mean paint the burlap with camo Spray paint. Not a thick painting, just enough to get the color on the burlap. Then you can hot melt glue (glue gun and Sticks also at walmart) the strips onto some BDU's.

I made my own last year out of old camo. I was going to throw it out anyway. I cut it up in strips about 1 inch x 6 inch strips and then randomly used different colors and hot glued them on. Not hard to do and cheap but I really like what I ended up with!Plus you can vary the colors to fit your hunting background.I glued the strips to othercamo that I didn't like the colors so much. Made a hat,jacket,pants and a shirt, and they all match!
Forgot to mention that I glued them on upside down so they make a U shape that way they stick out a little farther and it covers the glue spot. Also I glue some on with the material backwards to give some lighter spots.
I made a Ghillie suit using many items from walmart. I started with a Dickies jump suit that was about $25. Go to the camping section and they have a hammock that has plenty of netting for only $10! Get some dental floss, a needle, some Shoe Goo, some RIT dye in the colors of your choice, and also some bleach if you want lighter colors. Sew the netting on with the dental floss and then cover your knots with the shoe goo. Go to a home store and buy a huge roll of burlap and that is what you tear apart to use. Google how to make one and there will be some good instructions on a lot of sniper websites, but most of the items I used came from walmart....figures. ***The burlap is available in the garden sections. I used a big hat an put extra netting for the head cover.
Fabric stores will have burlap that you can shred. Shred it, don't just cut strips and hang 'em on. Here is the trouble: If you cut a strip and glue it on, it will most likely pull off, eventually. But if you glue it on anyway, then you want to pull out the short cross strands, leaving a bunch of vertical strands instead of a solid strip. If you want a suit that will last and take a good beating (as all hunting gear should and does) then you want to sew netting to the base garment and then hitch the burlap onto the netting. Much stronger, much more realistic, like strands of grass.