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When I had to retire my 243WSSM AR for coyotes, I wanted a short bolt gun and first thing I picked up was a Savage Scout in .308. Looking at ballistics, the 110 gr. bullets approached velocities of the 87 gr. 243 Win, so tried to work up load but the Scout didn't like 110 gr. Varmageddons so tried 125 gr. NBT's and got around MOA groups using 46 gr. H4895 (cronographed 2910 fps). Altered stock but still didn't fit well.

I have heard people say negative things about savage. theirs have been my go to hunting rifles in my time of hunting and i have killed decent numbers with them. i have only had one savage i did not like and that was the MSR 10, that thing would not group better than a couple inches so i sold it. that and this last one i bought new where the bolt locked shut and i had to send it back.

Originally Posted By: borkon Do you usually hunt alone?

yes almost always.