Good size sow


Staff member
Was making my rounds at the lease Saturday to check cameras and feeders and at the last stand had a sow and her Choates cleaning up the corn.

A well placed shot dropped here in her tracks. I missed a quick follow up shot at a choate but missed. I would guess her at about 150 pounds. I pulled the back straps and cooked them on the grill later that day. They were pretty tasty, but tougher than the store bought pork loin that was also on the pit.
Good to see you are back out there and taking a few as well. Still hot here and very dry. I get a coyote occasionally but hogs are staying well hidden. Praying for rain!
Boy it is still dang hot here. Good job on the sow Yellowhammer. Last couple I killed I just left laying on the ground for the coyotes. I haven't had much luck cooking ferel hogs.