Got Hogs?


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These stinkin' hogs won't come in until after midnight and I hate to drive 50 miles round trip and stay up most of the night to shoot one hog before they scatter into the woods but I guess it's about time.

Too bad there wasn't a way to "flock" shoot them lol. You need a gatling gun lol.

Wish I was close enough to help out!
Originally Posted By: pyscodogHow about using a trap? Not as much fun as shooting them but maybe catch more.

As a matter of practice I am not a trapper nor do I care to become one. If my landowners want to go to the trouble and expense to try trapping I am glad to help but I will not be responsible for disposal although I do help with setup and baiting.

The gated trap in the pic is a loaner that and I reconfigured the gate control to run on an AT&T SIM card. I helped with setup and shot the hogs but that's about it. The Jaeger Pro trap is a PITA to set up and move so this was the only time we tried it.


I suggested the landowner try a Pig Brig next and he ordered one and we set it up. It has been working well and although it's not going to get all the hogs as you can see in the pic there are 14 hogs in the trap so that goes a long way towards lowering their numbers. This trap is on 800 acres so there are always other singles and stragglers around to keep me as busy as I want to be.

I like to shoot hogs but I also hate to see the damage they do to the land so I am all for getting rid of them using any possible means.

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