Got Some 22DTi/6mmDTi/25DTi/6.5DTI Data Post Here

I got higher velocities with the 7 1/2's also. Something to note ---- I got my highest velocity with Sierra 100 gr. boatails. They were faster than the prohunters, hornady and swifts. Something to do with the bullet contact surface in the bore I suspect.

Also, I run a heavy buffer system by tubbs. That got rid of my swipes.
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I will give this a try but I am not technically inclined so I may just confuse you more.
A swipe occurs when the bolt tries to turn and unlock before the pressure has dropped sufficiently for the case to release its grip on the chamber.
This can be a high pressure issue or a timing issue. Timing issues seem to occur more often in carbine or sometimes midlength rifles.
Timing issues occur when the peak pressure is not excessive but the pressure arriving at the bolt occurs too early in the progressive ignition sequence.
Anyway feel free to correct me if I am wrong!
I am returning to Rem 7 1/2s. I found no advantage to the higher priced #41's and like you lost velocity.
I have a bunch of BN coated bullets to shoot but they are with the #41s. I will shoot them just for a bit more history of how they work versus the Remmys.
Here are my best two loads to date for the 6mm DTI;

6mm DTI
58 gr. Vmax
SSA brass
cci 450
H335 @ 32.5 gr.
3529 fps
Shot several groups under 1/2". And this is my current coyote load.

6mm DTI
75 gr. Vmax
SSA brass
REM 7 1/2
H322 @ 27.3 gr.
3100 fps
Shoots under 3/8" everytime I have shot on paper.
someone on here posted the max fps he obtained as 2900. But....he did not list the powder or charge weight. Screen name may be Siringo if that is any help. He also may have some info on heavier bullets as I think that is his thing, which may not be a bad thing to consider!
Hope this helps!
6mmDTI 22 inch barrel 1 in 10 . So far I have tried H4895 Fed primers 205M with OAL of 2.260 With very good results. This is the load that I took a deer with this year. I tried .010 , .020 and .030 off the lands and .020 is the best. This load is also showing signs of pressure. First time with Varget 29gr is the best and 29.2 showed some flatting of the primer.
Originally Posted By: GregHsomeone on here posted the max fps he obtained as 2900. But....he did not list the powder or charge weight. Screen name may be Siringo if that is any help. He also may have some info on heavier bullets as I think that is his thing, which may not be a bad thing to consider!
Hope this helps!

Yep --- heavies are my thing. I could not get the 80's to shoot fast enough so I abandoned the whole idea. I also thought that these bullets were designed for larger faster cartridges, so it may not perform well ---- at least that was my uneducated thought. The bullet also is quite long and eats up as much powder space as a 100 grain.
Good to see you back Siringo. I have tried the LRV powder on 90 grain Sierra HPBTs and got 2900 with 33 grains. The 100 grain Hornady gave me 2702 with 32 grains and no pressure. With my gun it is slow with the normally listed powders but as you stated LRV is good for the heavier stuff!
THanks for the info and what bullet did you end up settling on! I called Barnes and they think the 80 grain TTSX at 2900 should be fine out to 200 yards.
Greg Harrison
I've been working with one of Mike's 30 WSSM over the past summer, so I did not do much with the 25 DTI this year. One thing with the 100 bullet speed, when using the Sierra 100 boatail, I got 50 fps more speed than with the Swift 100's. Could this be because of the bearing surface??

I have a few prohunters left and will compare them side by side with the boatails on speed.

GregH - were you using Remington 7 1/2's or CCI 41's?

I also loaded up a bunch of 90's with varying charges and I sure would like to push those to 3000.
i have tried both 41's and 7 1/2's. I am going to reshoot some stuff with the 7 1/2's but I think it may be an overall better primer. I showered lower speeds and more pressure with 41's on my last chrono session. I will just have to wait to shoot again before making a final decision. I will post the results.
How is the 30 WSSM working out?
Thanks in advance
I will post something on the 30 WSSM on a seperate thread. Don't want to deviate what has been posted here on the DTI's --- OK.
Braved the cold --- put on the wool clothes, mukluks and headed to the range. It was 8 degrees this morning. I wanted to see what my velocities were in this extreme cold with different primers (with my pet deer load).

My base deer load is 32.0 grains of LeverEvolution powder. Note on a previous post that I said I was using Remington 7 1/2 primers. This was not correct and I edited my post. I was using Winchester small rifle primers.

Rifle is 25 DTI, 18 inch. Bullets were Sierra 100 grain BT loaded to 2.26 inches. During my load testing this was sub moa and velocity was 2830 FPS. The temperature at that time was 70 degrees to 80 degrees for the load development.

In contrast -- today is nearly 70 degrees colder than when I developed that load. I do use Quick Load and there is no reference to LeverEvolution in the most recent version. So I fudge with WW748. From 80 degrees to 8 degrees, WW748 loses 100+ fps. SOO --- I kinda figured I would lose something similar with the LeverEvolution.

Using the same bullet (Sierra 100 BT), Powder Charge (32.0 of LeverEvolution) and OAL (2.26), I fired the following:

Remington 7 1/2
1. 2656 fps
2. 2715 fps
3. 2688 fps
4. 2743 fps
5. 2650 fps
AV - 2690 fps
ES - 93 fps
SD - 39 fps
Group - 1" W x 1.25" H

Wolf Small Rifle Magnum
1. 2721 fps
2. 2760 fps
3. 2704 fps
4. 2732 fps
5. 2682 fps
AV - 2719 fps
ES - 78 fps
SD - 29 fps
Group - 1" W x 1.25" H

Winchester Small Rifle (4 shots only, ran out of bullets)
1. 2726 fps
2. 2732 fps
3. 2749 fps
4. 2732 fps
AV - 2734 fps
ES - 23 fps
SD - 9 fps
Group - 3/4" W x 3/4" H

As a side note --- I also shot some Remington Corelok 100 grain bullets. Velocities were about the same --- maybe a little higher, but I seated them to 2.23 inches (at the cannelure) so the pressures were most likely higher. However, group size was twice the size in comparison to the Sierras.
Siringo, THanks for the load update. I copied your load of 32 grains of LVR, Rem 7 1/2 primer and a 100 grain Interlock and the average was 2706, don't have the other figures with me, temp would have been about 60 degrees.
I was feeling adventurous,and tried 33 grains of LVR and the 90 grain Sierra BTHP, average 2906 with it! Thankfully it never gets below about 20 degrees on a normal year here. Sounds like with the 18 inch barrel we are stuck about 2700 in hunting weather.
My fastest load with the 75 VMax has been 33.7 grains of TAC for 3060 fps. I tried 322 and Exterminator and such, I suppose each gun is an individual!
Thanks again
Greg Harrison
Greg --- pick up some Sierra 100 grain game kings (BT). Use the Winchester small rifle primer. With the 100 grain Remington my average was 2743 -- Using the Winchester primer.

I also shot some 90 grain game kings that day.

33.3 - grs of LV -- 2888 fps
33.6 grs of LV -- 2924 (best group under 1 inch)
34.o grs of LV -- 2931

Used the WSR primer and again it was 8 degrees out.

You are correct that at hunting temps, the best we could see would be in the mid 2700's. Still nothing to sneeze at though.
I shot 2 deer this year and performance with the 90 HPBT was okay. At about 2850 neither exited but both at 40 yards into dense muscle on one shot, it was devastating. ON the other , about 125 yard thru the ribs, it broke ribs on both sides and completely severed the top of the heart so yeah the 25 is till prettty robust. Good luck and and thanks for the tips!!
I have shot 4 whitetail does with my 25 DTi predator load just recently and none have gone more than 20 yards and two dropped in their tracks. The load is 28.7gr of N133 with the 85gr Nosler BT. Speed is right at 2900fps and it is a good load for knocking down coyotes but I have gotten almost all pass-thru's on broadside hits. Bobcats have had quarter sized exits and fox... not too pretty.