Got Some 22DTi/6mmDTi/25DTi/6.5DTI Data Post Here

30.5gr AR COMP
67gr GS Custom
SSA brass (35.9gr capacity)
2.27" OAL

200 yard range was the only thing that was open and since I was just checking for speed and functionality of the powder above and 8208 it was fine. Was pretty windy, so I'll really be looking forward to what this load can do when it is calm
This was the AR COMP, the top right was a 31.5 load to check for node speed.

Both 8208 and ARCOMP cycled fine, had no pressure signs FPS were as follows:

30.8gr of 8208XBR 3 shot average of 3053

30.5gr of ARCOMP 3 shot average of 3123

I'll be loading more up of the ARCOMP and heading back out soon

Thanks for all the input earlier.
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man do I love this upper!

After being disappointed by my reloading skills yet again using the 67gr GSCustom bullets (106% case capacity or OAL is causing some problems I'm trying to figure out) I broke out my proven load when helping set up for a local 3-gun event. At 250 testing a swinger setup I put down a two round set that are touching. The guy who built the targets asked where I hit because you could see the target swing on the second shot and hear the hit, but no other paint blot was missing. get down there and you can see where the hollow point hit first.

You can see where I jerked the second shot at the 300 yard target

Shot some rounds through water jugs after I figured our my loading problems with the GS Customs (compressed load+ less surface area= bullet sliding forward) and got some pretty cool bullet pulls out of water bottles. While maybe not the best way to capture bullet deformation at least we stacked containers up in the same order. The local grocery store somehow got sold out of drinkingwater 1.5 gallon containers.

Anyway after having to seat the GS custom to 2.16 OAL, I'm thinking of calling the owner and asking what the extra length would get me in weight since I'd like something heavier than 67gr for deer. Either way I really liked the expansion and uniformity of it. Grouping was pretty good too.

I also weighed them. The game king weighed 33.9gr of the 90gr

original weight. Being that it started as a varmint round I'd

like to try it again and try to catch more bits of it. The GS

Custom weighed in at 66.9 of the original 67grains it started

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This post is in regards to 22 Nosler Cases.

I purchased a box of 22 Nosler ammo and pulled the bullets. As far as I could tell with prints and measurements, these cases could be used to make 25 DTI cases (with 223 case heads). I assembled some ammo in my SSA cases and Nosler cases using 32 grains of LeverEvolution, 100 grain Sierra BT and Winchester primers. I had done a rough check on the case capacity with the powder and they appeared close enough.

I shot them at 100 yards and the Nosler cases shot a nice 3/4 in group. The SSA Cases where slightly over an inch, but these cases have been used numerous times without annealing.

The Nosler cases showed slight wipes. Also checked the velocity and the the SSA cases averaged 2750 fps and the nosler cases averaged 2780 fps.

I resized both brands, cleaned in a sonic cleaner, cleaned the primer pockets and uniformed the lengths.

The control SSA group of 10 cases had a weight variation from 111.0 to 113.5 grains. The water capacity varied from 35.8 to 36.3 grains with an average of 36.0 grains.

The Nosler cases (20 of them) had a weight variation of 107.6 to 113.7 grains. The water capacity varied from 35.2 to 35.6 grains with an average of 35.4 grains. The variation of case weight could be attributed to turning the case head down to 223 dimensions.

Whole point of this exercise to see if the 22 nosler case COULD be used. I am not sure how strong the Nosler case head is, but the SSA case has a nice hard head.

Oh --- I just used a bolt carrier with a 223 bolt from another rifle. Worked like a champ.
Thanks for taking the time and effort to try out the 22 Nosler cases.
It is nice to know that we have options in chooseing cases and bolts for that matter.
thanks again
Greg Harrison
25 DTI owner
6mm DTI 22" barrel 1:10 twist
55gr NBT-lead free
31.5gr 8208 XBR
CCI 450
Fed brass
3545 fps

6mm DTI 22" barrel 1:10 twist
80gr TTSX
28.0gr 8208 XBR
CCI 450
Fed brass
2975 fps
6mm DTI 22" barrel 1:10 twist
58gr Vmax
31.5gr 8208 XBR
CCI 450
Fed brass
2.235" coal
3560 fps

6mm DTI 22" 12 twist Shilen light contour. Burris 3x9x50 Fulfield 2 w/E1 reticle

58 vmax
31.0 H322
CCI 450
2.240" col
SSA brass
3575 fps
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Originally Posted By: zheltonAny updated loads for 25dti with 70 grainers? Thanks in advance

I am also subscribing for 25dti data for the 70 grain sierra
Ok I worked up some loads. My 25DTI is 18" barrel.

70 Blitz
31.5 AA2200
450 primer
SSA Brass
0.800 ish 3 shot group at 100.
3280 average speed

70 Blitz
28.5 H4198
450 primer
SSA Brass
0.800 ish 3 shot group at 100.
3257 average speed