Grey fox tonight


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Landowner called and said he had lost some ducks and he saw a "huge red fox". I went there tonight and within 30 seconds this female grey came in to Eastern Cottontail. 50 yds, DRT. I sent him a photo and he confirmed that was what he saw.
Next stand on a different farm within 2-3 minutes a big bobcat came out. I misjudged the distance, I thought it was closer but I saw meat fly and heard the bullet impact. It stumbled then ran about 50 yds into some very thick cutover. I did find blood where it ran in but it was too thick to really look. I'm going back in the morning. I know it is hit hard but they are tough animals. I hope to find it but I'm not overly optimistic.
Shot my 2nd called in cat about 15 years ago. Hung up in some brush at 20 yards. I though my .243 70 grain Nosler ballistic tip would still hit its spot. It was a chest on shot. That cat jumped about 10’ in the air wiggling it’s feet and let out a scream. It hit the ground running. There was a tuff of white fur on the ground and a little blood. Never did find that cat and switched over to a shotgun for calling 99.9% of the time after that disappointment. Good luck.

I did shoot my fist called in cat the evening before in the same spot. It came in within a minute and a half. The cat came in from behind me and belly crawled within three feet past my right shoe. I had to wait till it got about 10’ away and started to stand and growl at my whirling woodpecker before I almost missed it with my 4.5x optic. I caught it just below the heart. The 70 grain 243 Nosler poked a bullet sized hole in and out. Should have switched to a shotgun after that incident and I would have scored with cat #2 the next morning.
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Blood trailed the cat maybe 25 yds. Just a speck every few feet and some hair in a couple of places. Lost the trail and spent about an hour wandering around the +head high briars and brush and lap piles then I gave up. It is so thick in there that I could have walked right past it. I hate that I can't find it but it happens.
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It definitely happens. I hate the feeling but always feel some better about it because of putting in the effort to recover the animal. I walked just over 17.5 miles back and forth through the woods earlier this year looking for a deer my son made a bad shot on during the youth hunt.