Guess a hog weight....


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Went out to see if I could hear a turkey this morning, but no luck, so I checked a couple of feeders looking for hogs.

This one was cleaning up around the feeder when the 60 grain v-max Black Hills from my Dtech took him behind the ear from a 100 yards.

I will turn it into pan sausage in a day or two. I weight him, so I thought I would let ya'll see if you can guess the weight to the nearest pound (live weight).

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Hey, YH, you and that hog haven't learned that a .223 isn't capable of taking hogs yet?

Just funnin' ya, of course. He didn't run w/that shot, did he?

Just got finished cleaning up after making the sausage and eating a couple of patties. Pretty good if I say so myself.

Nope, he dropped in his tracks.

Nobody has guess right or within 10 pounds yet.
Since no more guesses are coming in, I will give you the answer.

As is usually the case, all of the estimates were way over. This usually happens whether it is hogs, coyotes, bobcats or you name it.

That hog tipped the scales at 105 pounds.
It's a lot easier when there in the barn with there other friends standing up. It's been ten+ years since I had to help sort hogs for market though thankfully.