Gunbroker scammer!

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Bit on a too good to be true deal on some .410 ammo and looks like I got robbed. Lucky I paid with cc, I'm on hold now with cc company to dispute the charge but dang it!

The crazy thing is he had some great feedback, some from very long time buyers, but just in the last couple weeks he has about 40 F's.

lilKaos, from MN, stay away!
almost wonder if someone's account got hacked. not trying to give the guy an out, but since there was a sudden 180 in reviews... its possible.

sorry you got burned either way.
Originally Posted By: bigtommyYou have a name for him. I’m 10 miles from brownsdale and know the chief very well.

Jordan Crews
BROWNSDALE, MN 55918-8819

Kada Ink studio (tattoo parlor) is also his and he runs the cc charge through there.

As good as the communications were, I really thought he was legit.

That's awesome if you have time to look into it, this guy needs to be put out of business.
Several weeks ago with some help from here I talked with the local sheriff, who is after this guy for much bigger fraud charges than mine, so he will get put away at some point. I should see my money back from the cc company also.
Thanks for sharing the heads up. That's the danger of the interweb sometimes, there's always a bad apple hiding in the barrel.

I ran into something similar some time ago with an online store called

I was looking for some .17 cal bullets and this store showed they had them. I ordered them. Then waited. And waited. And waited. I checked in online on my account and the order never changed statues. I tried to contact them. Nothing. So after several attempts I cancelled the order. Still nothing. So I cancelled it on my cc. That's when I got a nasty email from them threatening me with legal action for daring to cancel my order with my cc company.

I am not some wilting flower so I gave a good as a I got. This sleeze ball continued the threats. Well two can play at that game, except I don't threaten, I just do. So I looked his company up on BBB and saw a LOT of complaints and a pattern, anyone who couldn't get in touch with him and dared to cancel their orders got the same nasty email threats. So I filed a BBB complaint. I then looked into what I could do from a legal standpoint. I found out that he runs his company out of his house, which is no problem for me as a small business owner. But I then reached out to the local authorities and was contacted by the local DA. Seems this guy is under indictment for fraud because of his business practices. So I gave my statement to add another charge for good measure.

Hopefully they get some of these charges to stick and clean up the gene pool just a bit.