Handy site to debunk gun control

i have a couple democrats in the lab where i work... they are so far left wing there morals have flew right out the door.... i love coming in here and getting some ammunition to go at them with.. (nothing against my co-workers, there great guys but there views are really out there)

keep it coming fellas.. i love it..
That is a good find, thanks for posting it. Nice to see something well researched and laid out neatly and easy to read.
Great site thanks I downloaded and saved file. PM members should check out 2 books written by John R. Lott Jr. "More Guns, Less Crime, 3rd Edition" & "Gun Bias In America" we need to get info and be well informed. The idiots on the other side; anti-gun, anti-hunting, PETA, eco-terrorists have degrees, good 100K + jobs, and don't have to use facts. These "touchy-feely" socialists can sell anything they say without proof. Sorry for rant, but I used to live and work with liberals and got in close to some.
We're all going to have to be very proactive by contacting our state legislators, senators, and governors. We must use our voices to fight against the voices that have been the loudest about 'gun control'. Also, become good friends with your local law enforcement; after all they're the ones that 'enforce'.
I can't remember if it does or doesnt.. I haven't been on there in awhile. All it does is make me mad so I try not to look to much. But, it is an eye opener