Heavier Buffers with Suppressed ARs


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Anyone change out their factory Buffer for a heavier one? How did you like it? Did you notice enough difference to justify the money spent?

Maybe I should ask about SBRs also,,,, this is where I think it would really improve performance and also possibly with the use of Thermals.
If your cycling is just fine, don't mess with it. Most guys think it's going to increase the longevity of their upper, which it may, after 20K rounds.
I suppose I've been fortunate in that all I've ever used on my 18", 20", and 11.5"/10.5" SBR's shooting suppressed is standard carbine or rifle buffers and springs. Same for my 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel rifles.

I also use standard buffers and springs in multiple Aero M5 builds in .308, shooting suppressed has been no problem.
I have never changed my buffer or spring on my Noveske SBR. I run a 10.5” 5.56 upper, and a 300blk 9” upper. Never had an issue shooting suppressed or unsuppressed. Over 7000 rounds through those two uppers with no problems tells me there is there is no problem. No adjustable gas block either. YMMV

I have a 16-inch 300 acc Blackout with pistol gas tube and a Specwar 7,62.

I run a SBR, 556, in 10.5". The biggest key is the adjustable gas system. A fine tuned gas system has allowed me to have a SBR that functions flawlessly. I do not run this rig without a can. I tuned it for such. I use standard buffer and springs.