Help for a beginner

I have been doing a lot of reading on putting up furs and not much is being said about salting the hides. Do I need to or is it assumed?
If you are doing a good job fleshing and then boarding your furs there is no need for salt. The fleshing process removes all the tissues that will decay and rot, and then the skin, when boarded, will simply dry out. On a big old greasy coon you may want to wipe the shine off as it drys but still no salt. At times Borax (used for laundry) can be handy to aid in drying out tough places. One may use Borax on a coyote around the ears if you leave the cartlage in or had trouble removing some grissel. Another place could be right between the front legs of say a bobcat if you feel that the rest of the hide is ready to turn but that part is still a little tacky. Even in the mentioned cases, I would recomed Borax to salt and then it is just rubbed on the needed area.
I am getting ready do dye my traps, can i use a pot, or will it also dye the pot, it is stainless steel. i am trying to find a 30 gallon drum or are there other alternatives?
I have two pots that I use. The first, for my dye only, is a big turkey frier pot I belive 32 quarts maybe. All that I use that pot for is dying traps. A bigger pot would maby save a little time but no more traps than you have you could probably fit them all in a pot that size. I use a turkey frier and that pot is about as big as I feel safe setting up there. Between my partner and I we waxed and died almost 200 traps and then dyed over 100 snares and drags and odd other things, it took us two days. It was a full weekend but we had some beer and messed around in the down time. At the end of the weekend we were ready for the season, all equiptment and fur shed items invintoried ordered and ready to rock. If you got some buddies it is a great excuse to hang out with the guys. We sent the wemen to the city with 50$ each and had a great weekend (so did the girls
Sorry I digressed a little with the memories of good times, back to the pots. Pot number 2 is smaller. I belive that it is a 15 quart and it is for the wax. I bought enough wax my first year to fill up the pot and have just been adding a little more every year since. I can only fit in one maybe two traps at a time but when waxing that is all I can handle anyway. It only takes 45sec. to a minute per trap so I take a trap out put a new one in and by the time I have hung the old trap to cool the new one is ready to repeat the process. I belive that your wax pot should be just big enough to submerge your largest foothold. (Never wax bodygrips very dangerous) Much bigger is just a waste of wax. O'Gorman still has the same wax pot with wax in it that he used in the seventies. So in the off season I just put those pots away wax and all and will pull them out again late next summer.
I would like to thank everyone for the help, season ended today and I pulled everything for the year except one beaver snare, which is still in season for a month.

Again, thank you all, I had a fantastic time, and can't wait until next year.