How did everyone do in the New Mexico Draw


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5of6 Red for me plus the 2 red for bear and turkey on the early draw. The only thing I drew was barbary sheep. I hope everyone did better than me
About the same here - dismal. I put in about 35 applications this year within the family and only three were drawn. My dad and I will hunt pronghorn, I got a second choice muzzleloader deer hunt in the desert, and my oldest daughter got an off-range oryx tag. Everybody else was red across the board. This was the worst year ever for us on total draw rate.

Your Barbary could be fun. I had a great hunt with my daughter and PM buddy from AZ in January 2020 in Units 29/30. We (they?) went two for three on sheep. I should have killed one early, and then could have killed a small one later in the hunt, but passed. No complaints. Good luck on that hunt.
Fairly new to NM and missed the deadline to get a application for a Javelina tag in. I didn't remember that it was so early.