How do you carry all of your crap to the stand?


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Currently, my setup is as follows (see photo): SCAR 17 or BCM AR 15 carried across my chest over the ghillie coat over my other layers. The Tally Ho and Circe call are in my bib pockets. The foxpro remote is in the other bibs pocket, the caller and decoy are in my Eberlestock mini-me pack and the seat clips to the back of the pack. I never carry a rangefinder, or binos or shooting sticks. The only thing I will not change is carrying the rifle in front across my chest and the seat (back problems). With this setup I still feel a little tied down. For those thinking the rifle is heavy, it's more of an advantage for me than a liability. I'm trying to figure out how to carry less stuff. Any thoughts? Thank you.

First off, I'm envious of your Scar since I've always wanted one myself. I carry my AR the same way on a 3 point sling across my chest, I would not want to carry mine any other way. I carry a very similar seat (NEP therma seat) draped cross body, Rapid pivot bi pod, and my call lanyard around my neck. I haven't graduated into a ghillie yet, instead I wear standard head to toe camo with facemask. I consider that a fairly light setup. I often carry a Savage Axis 243 & a Mossberg 835 instead of the AR.
I love the scar and the 7.62 round as well. Do I need this round for coyotes? No, but I like it. I would have no problem taking a 400 yd shot on a coyote. I was shooting a 2" group at 200 when I sighted it in last weekend. I think the only way to lighten my load is to eliminate the e-caller, but my wife bought me a foxpro fusion for Christmas. I may try the mouth calls only which eliminates the caller, pack and decoy. Thanks.
i also use a backpack similar to urs. mine has a side area pouch that carries my shotgun, i do carry shooting sticks, a bipod is worthless in this part of oklahoma unless it extends enough for sitting shots, the grass is so tall here theres no way u can lay down and see anything to shoot. I recently started using a 4wheeler to get me closer into my stands. i put a secondary muffler on to help quiet the noise. saves on walking. also helps because 99% of he coyotes in this area get shot at from trucks, so if they see one coming they usually high-tail it out of the country before i can even get anywhere close to the stand. Ive had coyotes stand and stare when they see a 4wheeler, like theyve seen a UFO, they dont see them much around here. a buddy of mine uses a mountain bike to go from stand to stand, he has had good success with this. he leaves the truck back at the ranch house and rides the bike in. instead of trying to carry less stuff it may be easier to just find a better method of carrying it or get u closer and shorten ur walk down. If ur back pack doesnt have it, u might look into one that has a chest strap and waist strap with good frame work. they will really lighten the load by taking some of the weight off of ur shoulders. A good quality back pack is a good investment. I am currently considering an electric 4wheeler type vechicle to use to help get me closer to my stands quietly. I currently use a ghillie type net that i throw over the 4wheeler to hide it. the only disadvantage to going to mouth calls only is, sometimes if i have to do alot of calling at one stand, i can get pretty winded by the time tge coyote comes into range. Heavy breathing is never good for accurate shooting. so the e caller helps relieve some of my energy and wind for concentrating on a good shot.
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99% of the time I'm hunting over picked bean/corn field. I like to hunt 2-mile sections whenever I have the chance. Most of the time I'm in a sitting position shooting off my knee. I'm not sure what my dream setup to carry my gear looks like. When I hunt with friends, I'm the guy who always does the calling. I thought about a badlands monster, but this doesn't allow me to sit in my seat. I've looked at making a paracord lanyard for the ecaller, but this doesn't offer much protection for a $500 caller. I'm not sure what I want, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks.
I have a few eberlestock bags and they work well but I find myself using a turkey vest over anything for predator hunting. I carry a fox pro and critter and woodpecker, extra batteries, mouth calls, shooting sticks, snacks etc. And of course the seat. Hope this helps. I use an eberlestock when I'm night hunting
Haha. I hear you. Do you guys know if the Foxpro Predator Vest seat offers back support or is it just for padding? If it does, I could probably make that work. Thanks
Badlands Superday pack. I just strap my turkey lounger from cabelas to the outside, put my call and decoy on the inside and away I go. Even has a holster "pocket" on the waist straps and it holds my XDS .45 very well.

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I actually own a Badlands Superday currently. It's a little big for what I need predator hunting. There are a few of the AlpsOutdoorz packs that look interesting. Thinking out loud here, but a sling bag that you could slide the pack from your back when walking/prone to your chest when sitting would be great. Or a similar concept with a fanny pack with suspenders that you could slide around from the back to the front. I'm talking minimalist setup with only necessary pouches, nothing bulky. Thanks.
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The new cabelas predator vest is the kickstand model so it should be self supporting. Seems like there is just too much junk to carry when calling. I'm using an old camera bag to put the ecaller in with all my hand calls and spare ammo. Quickest way to shed pounds would be a lighter rifle and leave the ecaller at home IMO.
Doc, I agree on having a lot of stuff to take. I think we all carry this stuff for the "what-if" scenarios. What if the Circe doesn't do it? What if they hang up and another sound would do the trick? The weight of the gear isn't the problem at all. It's more trying to streamline the process. When I get to the stand, I have to take off the pack, take the caller and decoy out, throw the pack down, set up the caller and decoy (fighting the frozen ground), throw the pack on the terrace somewhere, set up my seat and get comfortable. I always sling my rifle first when I get out of the truck so I don't have to remove it to shed other gear.
Sometimes I take the neighbor kid. I used to take my nephew until girls dominated his interest. Anyways, make the kid carry everything, they are young and strong.

He thought I was really doing him a favor when I et him carry the e-caller and place it out in front of us on stand setup.
Originally Posted By: CoyotejunkiSometimes I take the neighbor kid. I used to take my nephew until girls dominated his interest. Anyways, make the kid carry everything, they are young and strong.

He thought I was really doing him a favor when I et him carry the e-caller and place it out in front of us on stand setup.
Honestly, this is the best idea yet. you get help carrying stuff and kid gets to learn how to hunt
I'm thinking about buying a army surplus load carrier can attach whatever molle pouches you want to it also get some jute and make it some what like a ghille vest
a pickup truck LOL

seriously, I tend to park, hike in a bit & make a stand & then drive off & do it again. Gun, sticks, maybe a seat -I call standing a lot- and caller/ecaller, all the spare/extra/backup stuff stays in the truck.