How many use scent eliminator??

i use it when i have it but still will hunt if i dont have it. i honestly dont believe that it really helps all that much. i dont think you can fool a coyotes nose by a "scent killer". i think that it will give you some confidence if you have it, but i have called in coyote and deer to about 30 or 40 ards with out so i just dont think it makes that huge of a difference.
Drug dealers have tried to fool dogs noses for years. Do you really think that scent killer is going to fool a coyotes nose? If it was that good the drug dealers would be useing it. Save your money for something more useful.
You can't fool a yote's nose. I'm not saying the scent eliminator hurts your chances, but I don't think it really provides any real advantage either.
Don't throw your money away!

I have seen my German Shorthair get shot right in the face from a skunk and 10 min. later she points up a Pheasant.

You can't even tell me they can be confused by cover scents.

The K-9 nose cannot be beat. Anyone that says otherwise is trying to sell you scent eliminator spray.

Play the wind. IMA
As a former K9 LEO I can tell you that reb8600 has nailed it. Don't bother, save your money and watch the wind.
Good luck!
Cover spray does work.The problem is that people think that after working all day,then coming home to the wife and kids and eating supper,then filling the four wheeler with gas,then jumping in your pickup that a little spray is supposed to make you"invisible".You need to have all your clothes washed in scent eliminating detergent,hung out in the open air to dry, take a shower with scent eliminating soap,and avoid anything that may contaminate all this on your way to hunt.Most guys cannot or will not go through all this.But bashing these products is childish.They work when used properly.Camo clothing doesn't work if you sit in the wide open and move around,the best bullets don't work if you don't sight in......
Do a little research on the canine nose... If it worked drug smugglers would by it by the 55 gallon barrel. Dogs ain't deer and wild dogs like coyotes even have it over domesticated animals like police canines. Best way to fool a coyotes nose is to never let him smell you - period.
It truly is a bunch of trouble to use scent eliminator products properly. I've followed all the directions and have gone through the rituals many times. Trouble is I never saw a dimes worth of difference in results vs. throwing on the untreated BDU camo jacket and a face mask I keep under the seat of my truck. If you set up right and use the wind, you'll kill just as many critters with or without these scent masking products IMO.
if anything use deer urine scent....even then he can pick your scent right out under that masking scent when the wind blows!
I've used Scent Shield for years with good success. But I also do all the little things that go along with it like keeping my stuff clean and odor free in garbage bags, suiting up when I get to my hunting area, not wearing my boots when gassing up the truck, ect., ect. Can I say that scent eliminator is the reason for success? Of course not. It's the culmination of all the little things that I find makes the difference. Then there's all the things you need to do once you get to your spot. Your set up, the wind, a little cover scent by my stand or set up and so on and so on. Almost nothing is foolproof, well except for death and taxes anyway. Guess that's why it's called hunting and not killing. Typically I'll do whatever I think will increase my odds to be successful afield. JMO

I will say this, I agree with everyone about a canines sense of smell. Drug and bomb sniffing dogs, avalanche dogs, cadaver dogs, heck exterminaters are using dogs to locate termites in houses, and my buddy Murphy.........., that son of a gun could find a fart in a snowstorm. That said I still think that every little thing you can do will increase you chances of success like using a good scent eliminator that contains chlorophyl. Again, JMO.

I always get a chuckle (take deer hunters for example) looking at guys all suited up having breakfast in a smoke filled diner or gassing up their vehicle before getting out to their hunting spot. Smelling like bacon and eggs, gasoline, or underarm deoderant just isn't a recipe for success in my book.
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I use Navy beans! Covers up my human scent and fools the coyote into thing he found the biggest carcass pile. I am always amazed how a cold trailing hound can know which way a coon or rabbit went. Try Navy beans, will make coyote's eyes water!