How much crap do we need to kill a coyote?

Need? What the heck does need have to do with it? I laugh at your "need."
As I get older the less stuff I pack out with Me...a few assorted mouth calls on my lanyard,a light Accurate Rifle with a Caliber thats not putting a gapping hole in a Predator and I'm good to go.

If I'm going out to Deer Hunt I may pack my mouth calls in case its slow and I try a little Predator Calling to spice up the day!
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Rifle or shotgun, never carry both. Shooting sticks with the rifle, calls around my neck and a Fanny pack with calls, ammo, a knife and gloves. I don’t like hunting with people that need 5 minutes at the truck to gather everything before walking out.
Depends if I'm huntin alone or not. I try not to carry a lot of stuff if I'm by myself and might have to carry a coyote or coyotes out of the field. There have been times when I had to set all my stuff down at a location (except my rifle),go get my coyotes then go back and get all my stuff. That's where huntin with a buddy really shines.
I used to wear a turkey hunting vest w integrated seat. Have since switched to a alps predator pack with integrated seat. It has the ability to pack water/ food for a full day hunting. Ect. I keep it loaded with my mouth calls e caller and drag. I like having a seat/ back rest and I hate carrying things in my hands. I take rifle calls, shooting sticks and drag on every set. Sometimes I need snow shoes, shotgun food/ water.... sometimes I hunt 100yds from truck sometimes I'm hiking miles from the truck every stand is different.
Everyone got their style that's for sure. I used to be a turkey vest guy with a harris bipod on the 243 and the foxpro in the turkey vest with calls around my neck,shotgun in one hand, drag rope, and a butt cushion. Now it's all different. I don't get far from the truck maybe 400 yds at the farthest. I usually carry calls around my neck, shooting sticks, butt pad, rifle or shotgun not both anymore. I prefer the shotgun. If hunting with buddy I always grab the pump. I now also carry binos I call pretty open stuff and my eyes are getting to be a problem. I am going to add some sort of chair and not a short one either. Maybe a bucket with swivel seat. Also, going to start calling with big bore PCP air rifle this year.
Originally Posted By: BJJ223I stalk them bare naked. Then, I run them down and choke them out MMA style.

Top that!

Ummm i tried that last winter on a crippled big male and it didn't work out well! I definitely don't recommend that!!

Thank God I had on super big mittens that got destroyed, ended up beating it to death with a 9" Cresent wrench and that was still not safe or easy! My girlfriend watched the whole thing go down and after it was over she said "That's a side of you I wish I never seen!!!"
Less is better. Never over think things. Keep it simple. Hunting coyotes is not easy. But, marketers have complicated things.
+1 on the Ground and Pound chair, light quick and simple; I put some pads in the bag on the back for more elevation when needed. Add a gun, sticks of some sort, and calls thats all thats needed.

So I guess you could take the chair off the list if you wanted to sit on a prickly pear, stick tights, yucca leaves, snow, mud, etc. Could take the sticks off if your using a shotgun or want to freehand. I dont want to do any of that.
I PREFER to take a lightweight rifle and a set of lightweight full height 3 legged shooting sticks and take off walking for miles. Problem is, then I have to walk back. I used to keep stuff to eat and drink stashed in springs along the way when I was younger but don't go enough for that anymore. I always just wore clothes that were tough enough to last making quick ground nests, but now my back gives me fits and my entire lower body goes to sleep on me in just a few minutes sitting on the ground, and I'm not even 50 yet. The low profile turkey chairs are great, but for the way I like to hunt it's just a pain to haul it all. I've started using a backpack and taking something drivable to where I plan to end if I can't make a circle back to home work. That backpack full of stuff is nice to have all except for the part where you have to carry it the whole way.