How To: Camo Netting Rifle Camo.


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I was asked to post how I wrapped my Encore with camo netting so here it is.

Start with the muzzle and attach a strip of camo netting 6-8 inches wide and 10 feet long with a small zip tie.


Wrap the netting back over the zip tie to hide it and wrap the barrel twards the scope. When you get to the scope you may or may not have to do a couple wraps around the whole rifle and and Scope as one.

After that do figure 8's around the scope and rifle crossing between the scope and rifle.


Stop wrapping where you put your hand on the stock by wrapping a hands witdh section around the scope only. Don't worry about the unwrapped part of the rifle cause your camo gloved hand takes care of that part.

Finish by wrapping only the scope till you get to the Power adjustment ring and secure the end of the netting woth another zip tie.


I used a little bigger zip tie on the rear of the scope to pull hard on the zip tie. Clip off the tag ends of the zip ties. For the one on the scope you can clip the tag end off and then rotate it the same direction you wraped the camo netting the get the square part under the bottom of the scope so it's out of the way.

For the Butt Stock cut another section of netting about as wide as the stock. Make it long enough to do 2 or 3 wraps around the stock. This gets held in place by the shell holder (I use a wristband type shell holder) This makes it alot easier to put over the camo netting than a regular slide on shell holder.


When your done your rifle should look something like this. I also used a couple smaller shorter strips and zip ties for the Bipod Legs.


When it snows I just add some snow camo netting directly over the green camo netting with one layer only, allowing some if the green to show through. Use zip ties on each end of the snow camo netting to hold it. When the snow melts just clip the zip ties that hold the snow camo netting in place and take it back off. This makes it realy easy to adjust your rifle camo to the outside world.



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I got the camo netting at Cabelas. My thoughts on this method of rifle camo came from two things, first I just couldn't bring myself to paint my rifle and second was that it is said 3D leafy type camo is more effective due to the fact that it has depth and shadow and a jagged edge outline to break it up even more.

Your welcome. I wanted to put an option out there for other people that can't bring themselves to paint thier rifles either.

That type camo netting is made by Camo Systems. The cheapest way to buy it is as a ground blind. That's enough to do several rifles (10 feet long by 38 inches).

Ground blind pic

There's a dealer locator on their page.

Home page
I got mine from Midway, but they only have one pattern now. I liked the sage (for sage hunting), but they have a bunch of patterns.

Here's their online catalog.

Catalog in pdf


I agree with t/c223encore, the depth and irregular edges makes it more effective than a paint job, and it's not "permanent". I built a ghillie out of 2 ground blinds, even. Shows what you can do with zip ties and some imagination.

I used the wrap technique on the monopod I built, too. You can see how it "disrupts" the straight lines.
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would hate four that stuff to get in the way of a scope or action. probaly works good when its fresh, but after a day of in and out of the back seat or case, seems like it would fall my pred. hunting exp. its the human outline(which is takin care of via ghillies) and the shine of equip. that hinders sucess. paint it or tape it and head out! visit, my friend does the best duracoat work in the region.
Shanedogg, does this look like it gets in the way of the scope?


I don't appreciate you hijaking my thread to advertise your friends business.

Can it come off? Yes, thats the point, you get effective camo that can be removed when needed. I'm sure people are smart enough to realize it can come undone so be careful with it.


I would like to ask anyone doing this to go ahead and post a pic in this thread. I'd really like to see your camo netted rifles. Don't have the be an Encore, With a little adustment I expect it can work on any rifle. Thanks.

Shanedogg. if you read this I would like to apologize for comming off so aggresive. Since your relatively new I just want to say the intention of instructional posts are to teach people how to use your methods if they so choose, not for someone to come in and dispute it. Again I apologize for being aggresive.

I really like this. Im not afraid to paint my rifles, but I will still use this for a winter snow camo.. Thank you

By the way it takes quite a bit of obstruction infront of a scope to adversly affect it.Try this: take a soda cap and sit it inside of the objective bell of your scope. now look through your scope I bet that you cant even tell that the soda cap is there(unless the scope is tiny and the cap fills the whole lens).

Once again thank you for the great idea..
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I am going to have to try that on my 22 mag. I have some of the snow camo net from last year. That would be perfect to cover the current camo. I did paint the stock green and some brown, but now we have snow. I have been using white vet wrap in the winter. I really like the 3D of the netting. I will try combining the two tomorrow AM and try to post some pics. Thanks TC223.

Wow, thanks for the info TC223Encore. That was easy and should be effective. I will be trying it out tonight. This is how it started...



In process:



Looks Good 2Gunner. I used to use Vet Wrap in the winter too, but as anyone who's had any on thier rifle for a period of time knows Vet Wrap is not truly reusable, Camo Netting is.

Thanks. Your right about the vet wrap not being reusable. Fortunatly its cheap.

I am thinking of getting carried away and trying the netting on my AR tonight, just to see.

See? That's gonna work great, and it breaks up the outline better than any paint job would.

Next spring, 5 minutes and you're back to summer camo.
If you get some 8 inch or longer zip-ties you could wrap that tight around your scope objective without having it shift.
These all look great!! But what happens to your point of impact with all of this touching the barrel. Has any one checked this out. I've been even leery of vet wrap on my barrel, as many times the shots are over 300 YRD'S where I hunt.