How To: Camo Netting Rifle Camo.

That turned out real nice,For snow camo this year I took a couple old white t shirts and cut it in to small strips and wraped around my 204 and it didnt turn out to bad .Kinda looks like the netting.
mt boy, Thanks. I liked how it came out as well.

www.clifton, I have done the Vet Wrap in the past. Thats what got me to move on to camo netting. Didn't like that I would have to keep buying it to keep my rifle camo'd over time. Camo netting you only buy once.

Your Welcome. This post is for those like me that just can't paint thier rifle. In the past I have had my Encore dismantled cleaned and taped up twice and I just couldn't do it.

i know everyone said this before me but im gonna try! i dont want to mess up $1500 in gun and scope trying to paint it and my summer time coyote gear is 3D camo so it will match. but if you dont mind me asking where can i get that butt stock shell holder?
Your Wifes old nylon stockings work great also. I put a tan stocking on the barrel with Velcro at the end of the barrel to hold it on, and Velcro at the chamber end to hold the stocking on, and then use a black and tan together and bunch them up on the stock of my 6ppc BR rig that has a nice paint job. Now my 6ppc Rig can do double duty.
The harmonics or vibration changes should be minimal since you are not applying a "preload"tension to the barrel or applying a hard point contact between the barrel and forarm.

Go to Walmart get ya self a cheap bicycle tire innertube Cut the tube in 1/2 inch pieces (circles) so it looks like a 1/2 elastic put your favorite camo color on your barrel , gun what ever you want to camo use the pieces of innertube to hold on place keeps everything tight... ive been using this practice for years dont scratch your firearm and works very well....also works on call's , and just about everything that needs to be cammo'd up.....
Good looking camo.

I use camo form wrap and at 100-200 yards there is little if any difference in group size and zero. Past that Im not sure.
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Originally Posted By: Rifleman2These all look great!! But what happens to your point of impact with all of this touching the barrel. Has any one checked this out. I've been even leery of vet wrap on my barrel, as many times the shots are over 300 YRD'S where I hunt.

If most of my shots were over 300 yds I don't figure I'd be worrying about breaking up the outline of my weapon.
can you just buy the cheap camo netting from academy, spray paint it to the colors you want if need be, then cut strips to wrap your gun with? do yall prefer this over something like mcnett camo gun wrap?

These all look great !! But what happens to your point of impact with all of this touching the barrel ?????

Nothing At All...There is not enough pressure just from the camo netting weight to change anything....