How To: Camo Netting Rifle Camo.

I didn't want to paint mine either so i just made a camo sock (felt camo)to fit over the pointy end. When i get around to it i will try to make something that fits further down the barrel and covers the scope. But this at least keeps the most shiny part covered.
Noticed you indicated you often shoot 300 yds, I doubt you would need cmo when shooting out past 200 yards. Coyotes (if that's what you're hunting)seem to be pretty curious and aren't going to immediately scamper away. And as far as camo is concerned, if you're a spot and stalk guy, the rifle's always behind you (slung) and out of sight.
I used to be very concerned with camoing and tried all the tricks. Now, as long as I am in all white or drab colors, I'm not much concerned with what the rifle looks like. And when I'm down to shoot, all the animal is going to see is two small black spots in the distance (objective lens and tiny muzzle). In the event you might question, "What does this guy know, anyway?", might add over 42 years I've taken just over 2600 coyotes here in Western Montana (good record keeping). Probably 200 of them calling and the rest spot and stalk. Mike
You can go to the fabric store or fabric dept of a walmart and buy a couple of yards of burlap. They even have camo burlap. Cut it into thin pieces and wrap it around the gun, scope, and stock. Even when it starts to fray it will only add to the break up. Not to mention that the fabric is cheap.
My first attempt. Had no idea on the pattern I wanted.


Originally Posted By: champ198Agreed i jsut cant bring myself to paint my rifles...i see a lot that look great but i cant bring myself to do it

Shhh, that ruins your excuse to buy more guns

I actually really like this idea and I think I might do this seeing as how my coyote shotgun is the same as my deer and grouse shotgun. I would would have to tinker with it a little bit though to make sure it doesnt obstruct my iron sights.
They sell Camo sleeves, that you can slip the whole Rifle or Shotgun into & cut out what you dont need. they work great also
That really looks great , One thing I wonder about with the wrap touching the gun barrel, Will it hold and promote rust more quickly . Or do you remove after every hunt.
I bought a tc venture predator rifle its camo . But my scope isnt. So I bought some vanish protective camo wrap mossy oak . It works good. I wrapped my scope. Looks good just didnt know if I could paint my scope to match my gun. I would get my scope dipped if I find a good dip.