How To?

I am at work, working.
System has this locked out on computer so I am on phone or I would post more instructions.
Link on how to

Posting pic

There are size restrictions too, so the pictures won't be too big for the computer screen.

When your pictures are in PhotoBucket, as you move the cursor over the pictures, a box will automatically appear under the pic... if you move the cursor away, the box will disappear.

Pick a picture you want to post, and when the box appears, click the little window in the top left of the box, and the picture will be "picked", and the box will stay there when you move the cursor.

Do this to all of the pictures you want.

Then go to the bottom right hand corner of the page, and you will see a blue bar that says, "Generate HTML and IMG code".

Click that bar.

You will get a new page with five large windows in it.

Cut and paste the lines in the window that says "IMG Images for message boards"

Each of these lines start with a square "Bracket" like this "[" and say IMG then closed bracket, and the address of the image.

Put this line/s in your message, and when you hit "Continue" with "I want to preview my post", you will see what it looks like.

Then click "OK, Submit"... and you will have posted your first picture