Howling for coyotes

Crittr'calls are great.Rich's killer call is also great. Good high pitched howls and kiyis.(Rich I had to give it a plug /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif )
Hey Rich or Anyone That Can Help!

I hunt in an area in Pike County PA and I haven't seen a rabbit there in about 10 years. Am I wasting my time using a rabbit squeal? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the Coyote calling world!
The rabbit in distress crys will work most of the time. It really makes no difference to the coyote what he hears crying. He just hears an easy meal, he is curious what is making that distress sound and or he just plain feels like killing something. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Problem right now is that the coyotes are breeding, so may well come to the howls quicker than they will to crying little critters. .
Mr Cronk, I am really liking that cow horn howler you sent me. I've tried several cow horn howlers and yours is by far the best, easiest to use and one of the best looking too boot! Tthe tape you send with your calls is a great help also. I have been practcing on the killer call as well and am starting to get the hang of it as well. Thanks. kyray
Hold the barrel of the call between thumb and first finger, with reed on top. Place reed end of call in your mouth and press down on reed with your lips. About midway on the reed is good place to start. Now hold reed down by lightly pressing your upper teeth on said reed. Close your fingers over end of the barrel. Blow easy, harder, easy and open your hand as you blow. For higher pitched howl, simply slide your teeth closer to reed tip and try again.
I have just started hunting for coyotes in West Virginia.I also have been howling and keep running into the same exact
problem.After they answer they never respond.Most of what I have to hunt is rural heavy timber so that complicates things even more,I am at my witts end!!!
Hello, Mr. Cronk, I really like the cow horn howler I got from you last week. Haven't had a chance to take it to the woods yet. I have a question though. If coyotes are not verry vocal in the day time will howling in the day time give you away? Can I howl all day? I know that just after 1st light and just before dark are the best. Thanks Scott
I believe that howling works best in first couple of hours of daylight and also last hour or so in evening. They will come all day long, but I am usually taking a lunch break and maybe a nap during mid day. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
When you have a coyote howl back at your efforts and then he goes shutmouthed, it often means he is on the way in. Try waiting in silence for a few minutes, and if he don't show up, hit him with pup squeals. In heavy cover it is also easy for them to circle downwind, catch your scent and leave without your knowing it.
Where I hunt, I purposely try to get the domestic dogs to howl. After they kick in, the coyotes follow and then the fun begins /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
after you have done your lonesome howl sequences how long and how loud should you do your pup squeals or coyote pup distress? I also have a question about my howling maybe you can help me. I've had some luck with the coy/wolf barks and howls on the preymaster by playing only the first couple sequences then waiting. I've also howled with my MADD howler while playing the coy/wolf barks and howls and almost always get howls back but never called a coyote in this way. In order to get the sound I like on my madd howler it has to be loud for me to do it right and the preymaster sounds like it is about half as loud. What do you reccomend for a howler that might be effective when I know the coyotes are close enough to here me or is being to loud something I should'nt worry about? Thank you for your time.
Coyotes sometimes howl pretty loud themselves, so I don't worry about howling too loud. With the puppy squeals I will usually give em a long series of yelps every couple of minutes or so.
I have a domestic dog howling on a CD. Would playing that attract a coyote's interest? I also have some domestic dogs barking. Before I blow a stand, what is your opinion?
CA Desert Dog,
The coyotes I have known, didn't seem to be afraid of domestic dogs unless said dogs were chasing them. The barks and howls you mention may work if you had a way to start and stop the sounds via remote control. Constant howling or barking would not be natural. With coyote pups being born at this time, the dominant male coyote will not allow other coyotes or domestic dogs anywhere near the den. Momma coyote will protect her pups also. The sounds you mention, if played at correct intervals may bring you some action. I however, will stick with coyote howls and pup squeals. Now if I had a good decoy dog------Hooo Boy!, I wish that I did.
Rich,Do You use electronic, or are You using a mouth blown call?, I just started calling about two yearsago and realy like the thought of using mouth blown calls.I started when I lived in Indiana,I haved hunted groundhogs for about 35 years then about three years ago I started seeing them and thought I would like to give it a try. Then I moved to south centrial Florida, just could not get in the mood no snow and the pelts are not whorth a darn down here.Well enought was enought, I have bought 20 acres in Tennesse mostly pastures and alittle woods surrounded by woods and open hay fields, should be the ticket.I would like to know what works for everybody else so I could give them a try. Thanks for the info Daryl
I do alot coyote vocal's, and not just for locating them either. I called my first in 9 years ago using pup barks and KiYi's. Been using them ever since.
Hi Everyone!!

Is Northern Minnesota classified as the East? I used to hunt coyotes for 10 years in Colorado. I just moved back to MN a few years ago. Howled in a coyote last Saturday evening, and now I am hooked once again.

Seems like a great bunch of guys here, goo luck calling everyone!!

I haven't been out much yet this year, I'm still trying to regain my stamina after the bypass surgery. To answer your question, when I am calling open country I use strictly mouth calls. Here in western Iowa, most of my calling is done in or very near to thick cover. In this situation I use both electronic and mouth calls. I have some pup squeals on my Bandit caller. I set the caller fifty yards or more cross-wind of my chosen setup. My howling is done on a cow horn howler, usually two or three lonesome howls. After waiting in silence a few minutes I repeat the howls, wait a few minutes in silence and then hit the pup squeals on the Bandit.