Howling for coyotes

I am new to this so im trying to find out out to do work this page.. but I have a few questions on coyote calling. Saturday I was out coyote hunting and I was using a rabbit in distress with no luck. so closer to dark I switched to a female long howl. and I had response right away. we went back and forth about 5 times and then nothing.. WHAT DO I DO NEXT? does this mean the coyote is on its way or not interested..... do I keep howling or do I shut up? help plz
Sometimes silence is golden at that point, pup distress works good too. Use the google search at the top of every page, you'll learn tons and be reading for years
thanks for the feed back I see your for PA. so your in bout the same hunting terrain as me. when you set up your hunt do hunt in the deep woods. or over an open field, if open field do you sit in the field and try n call them in to the field or more or less alone a tree line if possible?
I have a handful of the [beeep] diaphrams. Take some time to practice, the bark was a little hard for me to get at first. I get A LOT more responses to coyote vocals when using the [beeep] than I did with playing them on an e-call.
I know this is a ten year old thread but id like to hear an example of the lonely howl. I didnt see the link posted in the first post.
Go to page 11, 5th post from the bottom. There's 3 sounds posted the, 1st sound is what I would call a lonesome howl, listen to how the tail end of the howl drags out
if they're hung up and won't cross a field or whatever pick up the call and move closer or hit them from a different angle. make the think the "coyotes" they're howling at are ticked off and moving around
Im a fairly new predator hunter in the north east timber and have a couple of questions for the experts. I have a spot where i can go and get a response from a pretty good sized pack 100% of the time right at first light. Problem is, im right at the boundry between public and private land. The yotes being on the private side. I havent been able to get them to leave there spot and come check me out. And i cant go to them. Would i be better off trying a rabbit distress first instead of the lone howls? Also, Ive only been able to get one or two responses per morning out of them. Is this typical? Or can you guys get them to light up any time of the day?My best guess is there about 250 or 300 yds from where i call them. Any advice would be helpfull. Like i said, im pretty new to coyote hunting.
Originally Posted By: wv_hillbillyDoes anybody use scent wicks with coyote pee on em while howling? Just a thought. Gonna try it next time out.

I tried the "paws and claws" predator lure from wildlife research yesterday. Didnt bring any yotes in, but had a bobcat come to within 10 yds. of my shotgun barrel. To bad i couldnt take it. Closed season on cats here.
Originally Posted By: Loggers InnGo to page 11, 5th post from the bottom. There's 3 sounds posted the, 1st sound is what I would call a lonesome howl, listen to how the tail end of the howl drags out

We have had success in the SouthEast using this type of howls. We have found a lot of times that you had better be ready for a quick close up shot before calling. This time of year the brush is really thick and the coyotes will disappear as fast as quick as they appear.