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Any of you guys own and do any work with a Hults Bruk axe? I have a couple Gransfors Bruk tools, a Wildlife Hatchet and Small Forest Axe. I have used the GB tools for years and haven't been disappointed with them. My son seems to have laid claim to my Small Forest Axe so I looked for a replacement. I could have bought another GB, but decided I wanted to try something a bit different.

I bought a Hults Bruk Akka Foresters Axe. The Akka has a 1.5 pound head and 24" handle. The head is a little lighter than the GB SFA and the handle is a little longer. It is possible to work the Akka pretty easily with one hand choked up on the handle. And when chopping something bigger you get a lot of head speed with the HB Akka. I think I like it better than my old GB SFA. A short video...

That's an interesting size and weight GC. Perfect for walking in situations.
I have several cheaper ones in 12" range and a few longer full size axes.
Yep, I have used the GB Small Forest Axe for years camping, backpacking, ect. I think I like the slightly lighter head weight and longer handle of this HB axe even better. Plus the way the HB is undercut on the bottom allows for one handed manipulation easy peasy.
I like to one hand swing. That means I generally prefer hatchets. I used to have an akka. Its too long to one hand and it’s head is too light to be very good 2 handed. I bought a small forest. To me it can’t be beat. Can be used as a hatchet. Or add on the second hand to really plunge it. It’s the best camp fire axe I have ever swung. The handle also hooks in your hand well. Another I like is the husqvarna hatchet. If I could put a granfors edge on that husqvarna hatchet. That would be awesome.
Appreciate your experience. I haven't used this enough to have a firm opinion of it and how well it compares to the GB SFA. So far, I like it.