Hunters AR 15/AR 10 Brass Catcher/Deflector in 5 Colors


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Update:: I have not had any price increase since I started making these. Due to shipping and material cost increases since 2012 I need to raise the cost of these to $15 each shipped effective 06 Dec, 2020

I have some of these available right now. I am offering them for $15 each shipped in the CONUS. Payment can be made by USPS or Pay Pal. They are available in the ACU camo, Digital Desert (Unavailable, Cant find material), Multicam, Woodland camo, Black and now Kryptek Mandrake

I have seen the question come up numerous times asking about a brass catcher that would work for hunting. I made some of these and handed about 8 of them out at the PM hunt for people to test. The feed back was good on them. The brass will either be caught in the bag or fall at your feet. This makes it easy to find that expensive brass. These are made of Cordura material.

I built these to be small and hold one or two pieces of brass. They are designed to catch/deflect the brass while you are on a stand.If you shoot an AR in any caliber but 223 you know how expensive the brass is. Nobody likes to lose it. I have had it catch as many as 13 pieces of brass and hold them.

I am being told that this is also working on the AR 10. It was tested by Wilydawg on his 243. He has made a comment in this ad that it works for his and was catching 5 out of 5 pieces.

First two pictures shows the colors.

Pictures 3 and 4 show it covering the ejection port. The ejection port cover is put into the bag to help hold it in place. The first round will kick it away from the door and then help hold it in place to catch the others. The 5th photo shows how it is hooked around the back side of the scope. You need to make sure it is all the way forward against the hand guard as shown.





This picture shows the opening. This is where the ejection port cover goes in.

I used one of these at the PM Egg Shoot to catch my expensive Lapua brass. Worked like a champ! Steal of a price on these, to boot.

Mark has a winner here. I have been using one since the pm hunt. I have not lost one piece of brass since I have been using it..
I hate losing my brass in the thorn bushes and cactus. I would really like to get a brass catcher. PM sent.....Thanks reb8600!
Originally Posted By: dmpowderSo do they catch more or deflect more?? Also do they melt?

Like the idea quick and easy to get on and off.

They catch more but not if you do not install it right. It needs to be under the door or the velcro attached. It is designed to catch the one or two pieces you shoot on a stand. I went to the range today with my 223 and the 6.5 Grendal. I was shooting 5 shot groups. It was catching all 5 rounds most the time. It caught about 80% of my brass. The others dropped straight down. I would say that 95% of the time it caught the first and second round when I put it under the door.
Originally Posted By: LWILLIAMSDo these ever cause any FTE from the brass getting kicked back into the ejection port?

I havent had any problems with that on the one I use. I also have not heard of any.