Hunters AR 15/AR 10 Brass Catcher/Deflector in 5 Colors

These are now available in black also.

Made a slight change in the way I put these together. My son in law shot the last 13 rounds I had in my 17 Remington AR and it caught and held all 13 rounds.
I will have these at the PM hunt in Las Cruces. I will have black and camo with me and will sell them for $10 at the hunt. Just locate me there if you want one.
Mark I had talked to you about 2 in black hope you still have some see you in a couple days and will get them then.
Got mine a couple days ago so I took it out to give it a try. 10 rounds 10 catches. Worked real nice.
I'd like to get one of these if still available. PM coming
Originally Posted By: patncorWonder if it will work on my Cetme 308? that gun throws my
LC brass clear into the next county.

These are to small for the AR 10 platform. I am going to build one and let 1953 try it out on his 243. If it works, I will offer them for the AR 10.
When I get mine from ya I will let ya know how well it works on the .30RAR too. But mostly got it for my 6x45. Thanks again Mark.