Hunters AR 15/AR 10 Brass Catcher/Deflector in 5 Colors

I need two in black for my AR10's. I'll test them on 260 Remington and 338 Federal.
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I got one of these for my new AR. I got to the range 2 weeks ago & finally got to try it out.

All I wanted to do with the rifle was get it on paper & then zeroed at 100 yards. I shot 3 rounds at a time, it caught 2 & knocked the 3rd down, so it didn't go far.

Today I got back to the range.

Went to do the JB paste breakin on the rifle.

5 rounds, it caught 4.

Clean, then 10 rounds. It caught all 10.

Clean then 20 rounds. I loaded 2 10 rounds mags. It caught all 10 rounds each (emptied between mags).

Seems to work better the more it gets used
I dont know if you could make it work on a mini 14 or not. I dont know anyone that has one to try it on. Sold mine years ago to get an AR. If it is the Ranch model and scoped, possibly might be able to make it work.