Hunters AR 15/AR 10 Brass Catcher/Deflector in 5 Colors

I like them shooting from a bench, too. Keeps me from having to chase brass & not picking up someone elses.
Originally Posted By: SVBWISHED IT WOULD WORK ON A MINI-14---COULD I MAKE IT WORK ????-----------SVB

One of mine is dedicated to my mini-14 ranch rifle. It catches most of my brass and knocks the rest down so they land at my feet. I highly recommend them.

I also like using them off the bench, I'm sure my friends prefer me to use them too! Now they don't get pelted with brass, and they don't have to help pick up anymore.
Bought a few of these and finally had an opportunity to try 2 of them out this weekend. One is

attached to an AR15 the other to an AR10 .243 and they worked great on both. Shot 100 rds from

each rifle and this was the first time I recovered every piece of brass that I started with.

These will definitely pay for themselves over time. Thanks again Mark.

Originally Posted By: lockrotorhave you made them for the LH stag?

They will fit all AR's. Doesnt matter what brand or if it is l/h or r/h.
Originally Posted By: ao9488Received mine last week. Works great! Thank you.
DITO LOVE them , now my son does not have to hunt for his brass after a stand LOL.