Hunters AR 15/AR 10 Brass Catcher/Deflector in 5 Colors

Originally Posted By: dan158Do these work on BCA side chargers??? Dan

I am not familiar with the BCA. If the handle is going to be under the catcher then I doubt it will work
I f you still have some brass catchers left I would like to purchase one for a friend. Black is fine. I need your address and how you want to be paid. Thank you
I bought one of these at the PM Hunt a couple years ago and stashed it in the truck because I didn't have the AR with me. Well during the move it got misplaced, I was putting stuff from boxes onto shelves in the shop and low and behold the brass catcher appeared.

I went to the range today and it is perfect, so light and unobtrusive that you don't know it's there and it works, never had a piece of brass hit the ground until I dumped a bag full of hot brass into to my hand.

Thanks Reb

I need to order another for my grandson (age 27)