Hunting Knife Brands

Off the top of my head, in factory knives Buck and Benchmade are both very much into the hunting scene. Both companies have good offerings and both stand by their products with excellent customer service.
I use Gerber a lot. They usually hold a decent edge, not expensive and if I loose it I'm not out a bunch of money. I picked up a used Gerber in the pawn shop yesterday for $10. Looked to be used very little but was dull. A few minutes with a stone and it was shaving sharp. While I'd love to have a $500 knife, it just isn't practical FOR ME when a $40 knife will gut a deer.
Benchmade are quality but also $$$

I have hunting knives from Buck, Gerber, Knives of Alaska & Cold Steel, all are quite good

For factory blades there's really a good & wide selection available
Take a look at KOA, Knives Of Alaska, I've got a few of their line up. Had the Alpha Wolf for about 15 years now and probably skinned well over 50 Elk with mine. Great ergonomics, and very easy to touch up. I've got a few of their other models as well but really enjoy using the Alpha wolf.