I need 12 gauge "Coyote" loads for less than $2 per round


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I need to dispatch critters close to a public road with housing on the other side over water. I am in a rural area on 40 acres. Last year I killed around 60 dogs, feral pet dogs, with my rifle but, where I am at with these guys, I can't risk the range of my rifle against the public road with housing in the distance.

I think #4 Buck will carry farther than I would like on a ricochet so, I'm thinking BB-sized shot.

Ranges will mostly be 20 to 30 yards and I will be running a Remington 870 with a fixed Modified choke.

I am looking at Hornady 12-Gauge BB Nickel 3" Heavy Magnum shells at ~$170 plus sale tax delivered per case of 100, or $1.70 per round.

[*]Manufacturer Hornady[*]MFG NO 86222[*]SKU 11520037[/list]

I thought Winchester made a similar load but, I'm not finding it at the moment online so, it maybe it's not in production right now?

Is this overkill for what I need? I want to be able to humanely put down a 60# dog or drill a water mocassin or beaver up close as well.

Would #4 shot Grouse/Pheasant loads be appropriate in this case?
Hornady® Heavy Magnum® Coyote with BB's


This is $1.70/round and looks similar to the Winchester which I'm not finding in stock. Is there a reason to prefer Winchester? It looks like the main difference is copper vs. nickel-coated shot. Without having both in hand, I can't comment on patterning in my shotgun.
Originally Posted By: AZDesertThunderI use those exact shells and have had great success with them out of my Remington 11-87 with a modified tube. YMMV

Thanks! I found the Hornady's online for a good price but, the Winchester option is Out of Stock where I have looked.
For raccoons and coyotes, I was using a mossberg 20 ga, a turkey choke, and #5 shot (Winchester Super X). I think it is about .80 cents a round. I

I was rolling raccoons up like nobody's business. I folded up a coyote with it, too. Believe me, raccoons are tough so consider your options.

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I bought some Winchester Varmint X 3" BB a month ago for $30 a box. They're hard to find but they shoot good out of my guns. The Hornady stuff would be cheaper and out of the right choke would probably be just as good. For snakes a shovel or a sturdy stick works great. You can kill coyotes with bird shot but it also kind of sucks for that too. It's doable but you'll have more run off using bird shot. It's better to just put stuff down instantly if possible.
Originally Posted By: duckjust curious how many of them 60 lb. coyote you shot

The way I read it,sidpost is shooting dogs with a side of coyote.
I would not use lead #4 shot on coyotes. Even lead #2 shot does not work nearly as good as lead BB shot on our 20 pound to 35 pound coyotes.

Use the Hornady lead BB loads on coyotes.

From KPY Shotshell Ballistics, I want my coyote loads to get 3.70" of gel penetration.

1300 fps lead #4 shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 8.5 yards.
1300 fps lead #2 shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 19.6 yards.
1300 fps lead BB shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 46.1 yards.
Nickel or copper platted BBs work just fine. You just have wait until they are in effective range for the load your using. Làrger shot sizes carry energy farther but then you need to fine tune your chokes to make uses of the extra distance your gaining. I find 1 oz of NP BBs between 1100fps and 1200fps in my 16ga and 1 1/4 oz in my 12ga at the sam3 speed to work quite well under 40 yards.
Originally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeOriginally Posted By: duckjust curious how many of them 60 lb. coyote you shot

The way I read it,sidpost is shooting dogs with a side of coyote.

That's how I read it. Except I didn't see anything indicate there were coyotes mixed in that 60ish tally.
Did you get the Hornadys? My son and I have shot a fair number of coyotes with them and I have been pleased with the performance. I killed one at 54 yards, but I would say that is more of an secret an the rule. Based on our use, I would say 40 to 45 yards is a fair max with our standard modified chokes. I recommend this ammo.
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#4 buck has killed plenty for me. Switched to Hornady BB a few years ago and have dumped them from 20 yards to a few right at 75 (not that I would recommend that).

Both you should be able to find in your price range.
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Frustrating ain't it! I also see people come here and post videos and hero pics that immediately disappear or barely even thank guys for complimenting as well, its the way of the world today unfortunately.