I need 12 gauge "Coyote" loads for less than $2 per round

Hornady Varmint Express 2.75" 4 buck or Hornady Heavy Mag 3" BB. Going for $17 box of 10. Pattern great with regular chokes(specifically IC or MOD per Hornady instructions) My guns pattern them well at 50 yards and beyond. They are a fraction of the HTL options but use the Versatite wad(flight control from FED) and higher antimony lead to minimize deforming. It is a really well thought formula for tight patterns without having to go to higher costing materials such as TSS. I wish Winchester would put together a Predator specific shell using their "Long beard" Shot Lok Turkey shells. They would also be fairly inexpensive vs TSS.
No doubt TSS and HTL are better because harder, heavier and other reasons, but their price and availability is simply out of this world for most guys.
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Frustrating ain't it! I also see people come here and post videos and hero pics that immediately disappear or barely even thank guys for complimenting as well, its the way of the world today unfortunately.

I went to a local gun show today. The ammo prices will boggle your mind.

Just a few examples:

Federal #4 buckshot $28 for 5 round box.
Remington Corelok 25-06 $45 20 round box
410 shotgun $35 box of 25 #9 shot
410 slugs $15 for 5
.380 ACP fmj $50 box of 50.
Remington 12 gauge 7.5 field loads $36 box

This was just a sampling of the more outrageous prices.

Ruger 10/22 $400
Remington 788 .223 $825
Henry lever action 30-30 $925
Ruger security 6 22lr $600
Mosin Nagant $725
Sure doesn't reflect the real world prices available in local shops, Walmart, Cabelas. Prices have gone up, but that's just crazy. Hopefully nobody encouraged that scalping by buying any.