If I kill the male of plair???

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I asked this on other forum but need all the expert advice I can muster so I don't ....up
...If I kill the male of a pair that has a den will the female be able to continue raising the pups OK? Don't want to hunt themm if its going to kill whole family.
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expert :*) john henery says he quits shooting during denning season, as he feels its a personal choice about the connection
to nature and the sportsman, giving every generation of game a fair chance as a true sportsman should...hope i quoted him in context accuratly enough to make sense.
as for the answer to your question, i believe the female hunts during denning,
and the male hunts for himself and protects the area. any wildlife biologists out there who know differently let us know. here in ny
we dont have a choice, the season ends 3rd week in march,starts agian in october
time to start hunting grass grizzlies!
Great question Pete...

In order to assure that you get the right answers, I'm going to move this psot over to the Predator Biology Forum....


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