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Jeff Mock

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Here are some links to see what is available to sponsors. Those sponsors who are active on the board get the most response. Those who just have a banner, but are not active may not see as much benefit.

All banner sponsors have their banner on our main page.
Predator Masters Sponsorship Page

Each Sponsor will also have a rotating banner at the top of each forum page.

There is also a sponsor forum
Predator Masters Sponsors Forum

Members also have the ability to see what Sponsors are offering and what they may have on special, and announcements are made.
Sponsor Specials, Updates and Announcements

Please inquire as to the differant levels of Sponsorships that are available here on Predator Masters.

All sponsors are allowed to have an avatar that depicts their business, has a color designation for their screenname, and can put a link to their website in their signature line.

In order to set up a new sponsor we need to have:

1) The banner 468x60 pixels

2) The URL the banner goes to : www.??????.com

3) What they want for a contact name in the ad software : Their name

4) An email address for the ad software

5) A user name & password to use for that software. : Have them make one up.

6) Length of contract or termination date : 1 year MINIMUM

7) Screen names if registered on PM

8) Additional contact info. full name, address, phone number, e-mail address

The annual banner rate is $650.00.

If you choose to pay by check, please notify me, and make check payable to:

Predator Masters, Inc.

380 East 400 South

Ephraim, Utah


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.


Jeff Mock
Sales Director
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