Introducing the TT Hands-Free Coyote Drag


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TT Hands-Free Coyote Drag

A coyote drag with the professional caller in mind. I have drug hundreds of coyotes back from the calling stand. I sought out to design the very best coyote drag from the best materials. One that will allow you to quickly and comfortably drag a coyote back, while carrying all your gear, without needing an extra arm or two. Loop the cord through the O-ring, loop it around the coyote’s top jaw, behind the canines, slip the comfortable shoulder strap on your shoulder, like a bag...hands free. Head back to your vehicle to get to your next stand. If you want to protect the fur on a skin-able coyote, easily loop the 550 cord through the attached D-ring. Now can loop it around one leg and the O-ring attachment around the other and carry your coyote out...hands free.

This coyote drag uses 1” military grade nylon strapping, comfortable should pad, military grade 550 paracord, and an industrial strength welded O-ring. These drags are heavy duty built to last for years. It conveniently folds down to fit in your pocket or pack, taking very, very little room. I build each and every one of these myself and always have a couple in my pocket.

Quick, simple, and hands-free.

TT Hands-Free Coyote Drag

Easily converts to a coyote carrier to save fur.

Industrial welded O-ring. No more tight knots to cut off of the coyote.

Takes up very little room.

The TT Hands-Free Coyote Drag is available on my website: Predator University Store for $15 + $3 shipping.

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hi i am new to this site and just purchased your dvd, not interested in the lanyard but saw a post on the custom calls section a couple weeks ago about u making the mini cow horn howlers tht shud be available in the next few weeks was jw when they wud be coming out and if i could get a payment to you?? also not sure if this is how to personal message but i thought so. thanks
Just got off the phone with the molder. He is having a fit building a mold for it, being a curved horn and all. He is still working on it. Hopefully he'll get it figured out.