Introducing the TT Stealth Wrist Lanyard


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TT Stealth Wrist Lanyard

I told my calling partner, Kerry, that I'd design a lanyard for guys like him, that carry their calls in their shirt pocket...

For those of you that don’t like to wear a lanyard around your neck for your calls, I have designed the TT Stealth Wrist Lanyard. Made with the same high grade materials as the “soon to be released” TT Stealth Lanyard II. This handy little lanyard straps on your wrist and holds two of your favorite predator calls, ready for action, in total silence and stealth. An adjustable buckle and plenty of nylon strap to allow you to place the lanyard under or over your favorite hunting jacket. Each lanyard cord features a side buckle to allow you to easily remove it from the wrist lanyard. They are 100% compatible with the TT Stealth Lanyard II.




No more loosing your favorite calls, by dropping them or slipping them in your shirt pocket. The TT Stealth Wrist Lanyard is handy, convenient, and has your calls ready to go when you need them. I will soon be re-releasing my TT Reed Protectors that are a perfect match for the TT Stealth Lanyard system, as well as, any lanyard.

Note: Calls in photos are not included.

The TT Stealth Wrist Lanyard is availabe on my website: Predator University Store for $15 + $3 shipping.

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