Jack in the box or Sidewinder? Or either?


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I have been hunting predators hard for going on two years now, bought a Minaska M1 last summer. I have a Mojo Critter and a Outfoxed whirling woodpecker, but hardly ever hunt with them. I was thinking about buying one of the above decoys but was wondering if they were worth the steep price tag? Also was considering a Lone Howler, but looks very cumbersome to pack around. Has anyone seen there productivity increase enough after the purchase of one of these decoys to justify the price? Thanks.
I just received my Whirling Woodpecker decoys today and I haven't had a chance to try them out, but if I were you, I would sure try the decoys I had before I bought any more. Why spend more money on something with a "Steep Price" when you don't know how the ones you have will work ? I've heard some good reports about both of the ones you have, so it might be worth a try. Either way, good luck.....

ThJudg (Roger)
I love the JIB but also have a turkey feather on a string & arrow that works great too!! The JIB has several options though that I like more.
I have both... both are excellent decoys... here are in my opinion the pros and cons of both:

Pro: Nice Action
Good battery life (C Batteries)
Plenty of room inside of case for storage
Large number of toppers available
Cons: Does not hold up to the elements well.
Noisy motor
Too Large of a Case
Could have a better case design

Pro: Extremely Quite Motor
Excellent Case design - Very Durable and water proof
Runs on AA but can be replaced with Gell Cell

Cons: Action could be improved by changing/replacing the
support for the topper.
Case could be just a little larger for additional