Knife steel

You cost me some money here sir !!
Based on those charts as well as these edge retention charts , I went on a mission to upgrade my folder collection.
At the 2022 Atlanta Blade show, picked up these high-end steel folders.

Stretch 2 in K390, Para 3 in Maxamet, and Hogue Deka in Magnacut.
All of them were show special prices and the Maxamet was a steal at $85, but it was a factory 2nd.
(image distortion makes blades look shortened)

My favorite of these three is the Hogue, its one of my EDCs now.
Thanks GC, yes they will.
I just put a razor edge on the Hogue Deka, it didn't take too long.
Factory edge was adequate but this edge is better.
Started with 600 grit, then 1000, then sapphire stone, on the Lansky using 20° slot for a final 18° edge per side.
Recently got a LASER edge meter to read the actual edges, it works great on flat polished edges and so-so on convex edges.

My sharpener setup, I trace the clamp jaws onto the tape for a long term reference, then take a pic like this.