Thanks Brad. Yes it is..
Most of the above are not quick deploy (QD).
The QD feature has to be designed in from the start.
But once you've completed a non-QD, it gives you an idea on how to unravel that one, at least which end to start with.
Thanks MT, also like blue with black, like in the fishtail wrist band and FOBs.


and found these scissors that cut paracord very clean : good scissors
My gun club buddy wanted this lanyard on his new Kershaw 1660,
a slick/solid Ken Onion frame lock design, spring assist:


note the clever blade tip lock (lower left) to ensure the blade stays tucked away when riding in a pocket.
this has 30" blue and 36" black, crown sinnet with diamond knot on end. Its a Kershaw Link, made in USA.
this spring assist folder feels real good in the hand, solid and balanced.

here's the pair, one for the g-kid & one for me.

Here's 38" cord of (left to right) lanyard knot, snake knots(7) and a double Walker knot (new to me):


...close up of the double Walker:

Here's an inexpensive liner lock plus can opener tool with three lanyard/fobs, each ending with a 4 strand Walker knot.
Got the knife from: S&W knife 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade

the walker is sometimes frustrating to finish off, I found this link to Walker knot helpful.

rest is TMI, unless you're interested in this kind of stuff:
Here's what the end of a 4 strand walker knot looks like compared to a diamond/wall/footrope knot just below:
can see how the 4 walker strands are spread near the circumference while the other 4 are tightly centered.


and that's on the end of this GT keyring fob:

My gun club buddy's Kershaw 1660 knife tip was catching on the "Y" opening just before the snake knot start.
So replaced it with this thicker crown sinnet finished with 4 strand Walker, plus matching keyring fob.

My son wanted a lanyard like on this : Microteck w/lanyard

So this is what I made for him.
It is a quick deploy type, so it comes apart easily.
It looks bigger than the one above, I think they use smaller dia cord.
Went to a knife show of local makers & few vendors this weekend.
Picked up the top one, Kershaw Blur in camo, so have a pair now.
Lanyards are 26" cord, seven snake knots with lanyard knot on ends.


Tks Tim.
Here's a new weave for me, flat snake braid terminated by a wall/footrope.
This flat braid would make a nice bracelet for a young'n, snake braid link
The knife and 2-aaa led light are a nice inexpensive combo.
Make a nice $20 gift, link : Browning Bush craft combo (sorry, sold out 2/8/20)

Two feet black cord and one foot of orange went into this one.

closer look at the flat braid:
This one was requested by my 2020 UT grad, grandson for his US Kershaw.
lanyard is 10 snake knots - seems to be a favorite -
My other grandson wanted the "exact" style and color of these :
(Dad's truck keys and EDC knife will have to come later!)

Oldest grandson added this to his collection, he has more than me, good kid!!

Seven snake knots in this one - per his request..

My new EDC a US Kershaw Leek partially serated, 12 snakes knots finished with a lanyard knot.
Yes, my EDC has a key and light, just in case.. always with me..