Nice work Bob.

And no explanation necessary. I EDC a Streamlight flashlight in my left pocket opposite the Kershaw in the right.
everybody needs a backup EDC, right, here's my new one, a kershaw Zing just below my EDC kershaw Leek.
similar, but more of a drop point on Zing.
36" cord in snake knots topped of with a lanyard knot
Santa knew what I wanted, a modern Leatherman - Skeletool.
There's a large set of interchangeable bits available too.
Reused a lanyard for this one:
Repurposed the lanyard that was on this US Link to the Leatherman above,
so whipped up this new snake knot topped off with a lanyard knot.
Love the feel/heft of this Kershaw - feels/looks like it means serious business.

Just staying in practice here, this is 40" black and 30" camo paracord,
crown sinnet between lanyard and wall/footrope knot.
Knife is inexpensive Gerber with decent steel, feels good in hand too.
The extended feathered cord ends give potential for un-raveling,
where the flush sealed off ends don't, like last pic.



Getting acquainted with my classy new USA-EDC.
Liking the Spyderco Native 5 finger choil on the blade w/jimpping.
Will give the M4 steel a good usage test over time.
Snake knots and lanyard knot on the cord.

7 snake knot lanyard and a simple handle wrap on the bare blade.
8 ft of cord on a Spyderco mule, supersteel is M398.
M398 is right up there with 10V and 15 V for edge retention.
Tag ends are left loose so it can be unwrapped with no tools.