Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6x24


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Got one of these with the CMR2 reticle on the way. Plan to put on a multipurpose AR that has a 18” barrel chambered in 223. I figure it’ll be good for a lighter weight walking/calling rifle, especially when setting up in the woods or tighter cover areas. The true 1x on the bottom end was appealing and I figure 6x high end would be enough if I wanted to turn it up some. Not crazy about the numbers printed in the reticle but the firedot duplex version didn’t have the CDS-ZL elevation turret.

Anyone have this scope or the similar model VX6? I’m happy with my VX3s so I’m hoping the 6 line is overly impressive. I wasn’t interested in the scope for a bit because of the retail price of $1599.99 but I found a new open box one for just over 9 so I took a chance.
For what you paid, I don't think you can go wrong with it. I've been looking around for something 1 or 1.5 x on the low end with a simple duplex and firedot to put on a 10/22. Choices are actually pretty limited if you don't want a cluttered up tacticool reticle. That VX6 is one, but way too much for a scope going on a 10/22.

I have a VX5 HD on my AR that has the fancy elevation turret. It's awfully mushy feeling. I never use it so don't care. But I don't think I trust it.

DAA, I had the same issue wanting to avoid a cluttered reticle on a lower powered variable. I recently put a Vortex Crossfire II 1-4 with duplex reticle and lighted dot on my lightweight calling AR and so far I really like it. Cheap but effective.
I bought one and its a pretty nice scope. Got the duplexreticle though. Cant see myself needing to dial on a 6x scope. Just wont be shooting far enough for that. Put mine on a .243 ruger american go wild compact. Its my new lion hunting gun. Just got it this summer. Only thing ive killed with it so far is a coyote.
I'll have to look at the Crossfire. The only other choices I'm coming up with are pretty expensive.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t that hung up on the CDS dial. I have one other scope with CDS and don’t use it. If I could’ve found the fire dot duplex version for the price I got this one at I most likely would’ve went that route. Should be here Friday, looking forward to getting it mounted and checking it out.
Well the scope arrived today and I’m impressed in more ways than one.

First off, it wasn’t estimated to arrive until Friday, and came today, 2 days early. Also, the scope was advertised as new, open box, store display. The scope I received was indeed new, but still sealed in the plastic from factory. Top that off with the price I paid tax and all being about $660 less than MSRP, couldn’t have asked for a better buying experience.

As far as the scope goes, I am very impressed with it as well. The true 1X is awesome for two eyes open, fast target acquisition, and staying with it while moving. I’ve had a VX3 that was 1.5-5, and there’s a noticeable difference between 1X and 1.5X. The reticle is not as busy as I thought it may be. The numbers aren’t that big, even on 6X, and it felt like my eye was drawn to the horseshoe dot in the center, even with the illumination off.

It was about 20 minutes after official sunset time when I got home so I took it outside before I even put the battery in it. It’s been crappy weather here so it was overcast with fading light. Crystal clear image all through the power range and gathered light very well. I had let my bloodhound out and she was running through the field so I was able to hold on her and test tracking a similar size target. Eye relief is generous, the zoom adjustment is very smooth, and the removable extended knob on the power ring isn’t too large. I’m not sure if I’ll leave it on or remove it but initial thought is I kind of like it.

The CDS elevation knob, I don’t know that I would call the adjustments mushy, but it’s definitely not as distinct in feel and audibly as the capped windage knob. I do like the zero lock feature, but feel the spring that locks the button out when in position zero could be more firm. If the elevation knob adjustments and the spring return of the button at position zero were as distinct as the windage knob adjustments, I don’t think you could really complain about anything. I’ve always been a set it and leave it guy, so this will probably be a moot point for me.

It came with some factory plastic flip lens caps that slide on over the ends, similar to like a Butler Creek style. I haven’t opened them out of the plastic yet to know if they’re decent or not. I did put the battery in it, turned it on and off a time or two and it clearly lit, wasn’t blurry or distorted, and has I think 6 different intensity levels. I need to read up on it some more, it has a feature to where it either turns off or fades out the reticle if canted past so many degrees off level, but you can disable it.

I have ordered a mount, but it’s not arrived yet so I haven’t actually had it in a rifle. Initial thoughts from just handling it and looking through it outside just before dark and inside the house in artificial light, I’m very impressed. I can see it being a great scope for calling predators or in other situations where the action can be fast, up close, in low light, etc. I think true 1X low power yet having the ability to go up to 6X or some other similar range to this setup is going to make for a great multi purpose setup, especially on an AR.

I think it was DAA or maybe someone else that mentioned in another thread recently that a setup similar to this could almost replace having to take a rifle and a shotgun on some stands. I can definitely see that logic being true.
Originally Posted By: AdamTI think it was DAA or maybe someone else that mentioned in another thread recently that a setup similar to this could almost replace having to take a rifle and a shotgun on some stands. I can definitely see that logic being true.

Thanks for the report. Sounds like a winner.

I've been loving the new 1x scope on my AR. I put it on for just the reason you mention above, and it's working. I shot a bobcat through it at something like 8 paces a few weeks ago. I think it will serve you well.
Has anyone checked out the sightmark citadel 1-10?
My cousins boys have them on their AR's and like them. You can get them with either a hunter dot or bdc reticle.
Got it mounted today. Electronic reticle leveling system seemed to work pretty good. I checked against my normal means and levels and agreed with the electronic system. The slip on scope caps also have a very snug fit and snap closed tightly. I’ll probably leave them on unless they wear down with time. Gusty winds so I’m not going to attempt to line it up today.
I've got the Patrol 6HD with the same ill reticle.
Put it on my Recce Build. On 1X it's a super quick transition almost as quick and easy as my EoTech.
It's got some great options for the price you paid.