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I am new to bow hunting well, that is hunting with a compound bow. I have a crossbow (Centerpoint Amped 415) that I love, but I am wanting to buy a compound bow. I am left eye dominant, so I will be using a left-handed bow. I have been looking at Bear Archery's Cruzer G2 RTH, if anyone has owned please relpy with a review of it. I am going to be hunting mostly whitetail but on occasion elk with it. If anyone has a better suggestion or bow that you think would be better please comment on that as well. Thanks for all the info and wisdom, it is appreciated!

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Personally i shoot a Mathew’s Switchback.

My oldest brother also shoots a Mathews.

Bernie gave GOOD advice, you want to be custom fitted for a Compound Bow for sure!
Go to a good archery shop and shoot a few different bows. It is all about fit and comfort and you will be glad you spent the extra time just getting to know a few bows. Everyone's frame are different, so just because your buddy thinks one model is great, doesn't mean that is the right one for you.
Another thing to consider is asking if the Bow Your considering buying has a Warranty and does the Company stand behind its product?
Matthews,Mission (made by Matthews also),Bear,PSE,Elite Archery,Martin Archery and a few other Name Brand Bows would be the ones to check out.

Compound Bows are being upgraded and changing every couple of years and are faster,lighter and more accurate as they advance in Technology.Sadly the resale value is like a Car..they depreciate as soon as You walk out the door with them.

As Everyone mentioned...there are different things to check out when buying a Bow and trying them out.Here are several things to consider when checking different Bows out!

Feel & Fit
Axle to Axle length (is it big or bulky,short and easy to use in a blind or up in a tree stand or box blind)?
Is it Quiet when it is shot?
What type or Rest to use?
What type of sight?
What weight Arrows
What Type Broadheads to use?
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I'm 71, been shooting bows most my life. Best advice is as most above. Go to a shop and shop! Find one that fits. If it doesn't fit you, you will never shoot it accurately. Don't be macho and think you need to shoot an 80lb bow to kill a deer. A 50 or 60 lb bow will kill them just as dead. Trying to draw a heavy poundage bow, in a tree stand in cold azz weather can be tough. I have shot about every kind of rest made, the Whisker Biscuit IMO for a hunting bow is one of the best. They are very easy to tune and hold your arrow securely on the bow. Another thing, you don't need to spend your kids college savings on a hunting bow either. Bow prices are crazy high these days. Just get a decent bow, with a warranty, a good sight, I like a 5 pin but a 3 pin will work as well. Get some good arrows, and practice! Lots of practice.

FYI-Deer season is winding down. There will soon be a lot of bows hitting the pawn shops. I've seen some pretty good deals on used bows there and lots of time when people sell them, they sell everything. It can save a bunch of money not having to piece everything together.
I would personally avoid RTH (ready to hunt) packages unless it has all the components I actually want. I'd rather use a sight, rest, and quiver that suits me, just the same as the bow fitting me as others have mentioned.

With that said, however, if you are unsure what components you want then buying a RTH package might do well to help you figure that out.

RugerHawg, did you get a bow? If so, what did you get and have you hunted with it?