major dah!


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Good day,
I'64, been around a bit and worn some T-shirts, but darned if I didn't buy a shotgun that won't shoot short shells!
Ordered a Mossberg Ultra-Mag, after my shop could not locate a Model 930. Didn't dream that the bigger gun wouldn't shoot shorter shells!
So question. Are any of you shooting short mags in the big boomer? Specifically, I am gonna use it to miss 'yotes with four-buck loads; some I've built and some Fiocci loads.
Will call Mossberg tomorrow, but know what they'll say. "Read the ad copy ole' man. Don't come whinin' to us". Well, at least that is what they will think; and they are right!!!
Suspect the lower intensity loads won't cycle the action, and possibly peen the forcing cone with shot separating from the wad prematurely.
Hope you've had a pleasant week-end!

God Bless