Male Red tonight


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1st stand we had a nice bobcat come in within 2-3 minutes to Eastern Cottontail. It came to about 20 yds and set down. On this farm the landowner does not want me to kill bobcats so it got a pass. I actually called it in 3 times before we left. 3rd stand we called in this nice male red at about 3 minutes to Eastern Cottontail. It ran in hard and bounced off of the call. I stopped him at about 60yds. We double tapped him, DRT. 13lbs, a pretty big fox for here.
Nice fox and shooting! I was gonna go out tonight myself , I pulled some muscles in my back carrying a deer out 700 yards last night figured I better rest so I can go out tomarrow with a buddy. What's your gun scope scanner setup? Using NV or lights or what I always like to hear what people have success with!