Minnesota made general population criminals(not illegals immigrants)


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Mn legislators and governor made the general firearms owning population criminals with the latest "gun safety law". All firearms owners will need to apply for a "license", register all firearms and have proof of liability insurance or felony/gross misdemeanor charges. But illegal immigrants are "protected", trans have legal protections and parents of minor children DO NOT need to be contacted about sexual health issues of their children.
Where is the provision on the insurance? I can't fins that mentioned in any of the half dozen articles I've read on the bill.

All I can find is remarks about red flag law and universal background checks.

Not saying it's not a thing, just that o can't find it yet.

I can find that there were bills Introduced in the 21/22 legislative session...but I can't see that they've successfully been passed/signed into law
I read through a portion of the bill the commie(walz) signed. It was a rewrite/new wording of previous legislative passed laws. Redefining weapons,capacities, property restrictions, license and testing. And limiting the number of firearms purchased(1 per month). Removed restrictions on "costs and fees" that can be charged. I live in a county that has declared itself a 2nd amendment sanctuary, waiting to see the sheriff's response. Didn't even get to the "flag laws".