More hogs - Big boar and meat hogs


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Still trying to thin out the hogs a little. I got this small red one yesterday.


Today, I had about a dozen hit the feeder while I was there. I took out the biggest boar, and got another small sow that stopped to look. Killed 4 more if you count the 4 she was carrying.

This boar was bigger than the one I shot last week and had some nasty cutters. I took a picture of the cutters and since this was the biggest hog I have killed in a while I decided to weigh it.

I also cut the head off and will boil it out sometime for a nice conversation piece.


Those suckers were razor sharp. It was a booger trying to get that dude loaded. I had to put a tow strap around it and drag it to a big hump of dirt so I could back up to it and then it was still a job.

Whoever can guess the weight gets to take me on an expenses paid hunting trip where ever you want to go.

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Come on now, Glenn. That wasn't the deal.

I think sometimes pictures can be deceiving. This is the one from last week, and the one today was bigger. I didn't weigh this one. His cutters were not as long.

You sure I could have sworn that is what I read.

yep it's hard to tell from a photo for sure. PM me and tell me how close I was.
I'm glad that I don't have to worry about them boogers over here. Although, I wouldn't mind have some of that fresh pork now and
Like I said, I didn't weigh the first boar, but I guessed him at between 175-200 pounds.

Since not a lot of guesses are coming in, I won't keep ya'll in suspense. When I went to weigh the big boar at our weigh station, he bottomed out the 200 pounds scale we had.

So, I had to take him somewhere to find a bigger scales. My neighbor had a digital scale that went to 330 pounds, and he weighed 231.2 pounds.

OK, sumrifle, where we going and what are we after?
Well I would love to come to Texas and hunt wild Pigs. Do you know any good spots?? :) I am going Deer hunting near Cody Wyoming a month from now but would love to make it to Texas for Pig sometime soon.