My son made me go......


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My son ask me yesterday if we could go Coyote hunting.
So we put the gear together and headed back to some BLM land by my house.
As we were walking in we were talking..... well ok my son was talking i was just there to listen.
We had only made it a few hundred yards and i see something in the trail a couple hundred yards ahead,It turned broadside and i froze and put my hand on my boys shoulder and he stops and looks from me to the direction i was looking in.
This Coyote was trying to put the sneak on a Jack Rabbit, when the rabbit bolted the Coyote only gave minimal chase and returned to the trail.
The Coyote resumed walking up the trail away from us, When it was outta sight i told my boy how we were gonna sneak down the trail and make a stand on a small hill over looking a field and that i needed him to be a quiet as possible. The sneak was on.
I have never see my boy work that hard at being quiet it was nice to see. Once we got set up Mojo was on and the Rabbit cries began,It didn't take long about 3 min. in this young female came in on the trot. She stopped on the top of the hill in front of us about 150yards out, looked at the Mojo and she turned the burners on all the way to about 80 yards. She's looking at Mojo and stops. Looks all around, as she is looking she turns broadside and i raise my rifle and shooting sticks at the same time to get lined up on her.She see's the movement and stops again.
Its too late now...............BOOM,FLOP,80 yards and a downed dog. 2nd Coyote i have called in this area in 4 days and its less than 1/2 mile from my front door.
It is really great having my son there and he got to see that Coyote coming in for the caller and he learned we can sneak in to a spot if we are careful and quiet even after seeing a Coyote.


He's 9 yrs old and is learning,I can't wait till he's older he'll be a better hunter that me.
He was so happy that we talked about the hunt all the way back to the truck.We also talked about why we stalked into the spot,Why we had to make a stand away from the public trail we walked in on and why we made a stand in a clearing for safe unobstructed shooting.
He's been hunting with me before,but now he wants to hunt so he has to learn why we do and hunt in the way we do, and safety for ourselves and others is 1st.To many accidents can happen and we have to do all we can to prevent em before they happen.

Good hunting

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Congrats to you both!! Sounds like your boy needs to talk you into going more often!
Next question: When is it going to be HIS turn to shoot?LOL
He starts Hunter Safety this month so maybe by next month he can shoot to.
He wanted me to take a picture with him holding the rifle made him feel good i guess.Still couldn't say no.
Originally Posted By: rabiddogI must be doing something right, He loves to go must be the heart pounding action.....and i love taking him.

I'd say so, there are few things better than sharing a hunt with your child. Keep him out there and you will have a hunting buddy for life!