My SSK barrel????


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I started loading some 30-30AI for my new SSK barrel on my Contender. I was using 150 grain Sierra Pro-Hunter bullets. I got my OAL and started dumping powder and seating bullets and random checking to make sure they chambered easy. Then I ran into a snag. 3 out of 5 wouldn't chamber deep enough to let the action even come close to closing. I checked this that and the other, then started measuring the diameter of the bullets. Some were .307-.308 and some were .310-.311. Turns out the .307 chambered with no problem but the .310 lacked at least 1/4 inch of letting the action close. So now, I have to measure each bullet to make sure its .307. What a bunch of crap. Have any of you seen this issue? Is the SSK barrels chamber that tight? Maybe it is because .003 makes a difference between closing and not closing the action.

Just a side note. I just loaded some 150 grain Hornady's with no issues. Maybe the Hornady will be the most accurate and I won't have to measure each bullet.
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Ya, the diameter of the bullet does bother me. I hate to think I have to check each bullet before seating it. I figure SSK puts a minimum spec neck in their barrels. Not one you have to turn brass but tight enough that a few thousandth's makes a difference.
Before someone asks, no I didn't accidentally put some 30 cal, .311 bullets in the .308 box. I don't have anything that shoots a .311 bullet. It was a new box of Sierra 150 Pro Hunters. All I can figure is someone at Sierra missed on the QC.
My barrel is a rechamber done by SSK. It digests 125 and 150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips, 150 Speer FN, and 125 grain Sierras without any issues. Think I would be giving Sierra a call.
Turned out to be about a dozen .311 bullets in the box. I got to looking closely at the bullets and all the .311 bullets were dull looking and the .308 were shiny. I gave them to my smith and he has some .308 he's giving me. So at least they are gone.