NAP Killzone Broadheads


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Just ordered NAP Killzone broadheads trophy tips to use this year. Anyone else use em and how'd you like em? They look pretty impressive in the video and pics I've seen.
I'm using them in my Crossbow....they do a good job but keep an eye on them and be sure to check them to see if they are good an tight.My blades fell out/off of one of the broadheads.. it has a small wrench that comes with the broadheads to tighten them up...other than that they shoot good and straight like the field tips.
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Shot 2 deer with them and both failed to open with no blood trail past about the first 20 feet, The first one was found with deer hair jammed between the two contact fingers that prevented the blades to slide back into the open locked position. the second one had one blade that came open when the arrow fell out and the other blade was still locked closed. Only blood on the arrow was from the area that was sticking out of the deer to the nock. Other thing in front of that point including the broadhead looked like it had been wiped clean of blood.
I shot a nice 9-Point Buck with my Crossbow on Holloween did a complete pass thru and it didnt make a very big hole on entry or exit but it did drop after only going around 35-50 yards at the most.I haven't found the Arrow/Bolt but plan on using a cheap metal detector to see where it went in the field edge just to see if the blades opened up or not?
I was out today on the Farm splitting some wood at the misc spots where I cut the tree's up in blocks...I went to a spot where I blocked up some hickory by the Ridge Field...I grabbed a few pieces and headed back along the Ridge Field edge where I mowed along the long narrow strip of milo when I saw the bright yellow & white arrow fletching and it was my Crossbow bolt sticking up in the short mowed grass with the tip stuck lightly in the ground?It looked like it was.laying flat and something kicked it up from the back end exposing the fletching.I looked it over before pulling it out of some thick mowed down grass and after pulling it out the arrow tip with the broadhead was still there but the 2 sharp mechanical blades were completely gone....possibly they came off when passing thru the Buck and were either left inside the rib cage area or on the exiting side of the hide...or even on the ground from where I shot the Buck after it ran and went thru about 10 yards of tall barn grass then thru the mowed path/milo and into the woods about 10 yards.Something had to hit the arrow shaft as it laid on the ground kicking it up into view because I walked and road past the same area since Oct 31 Holloween in search of the arrow thinking it passed thru the Deer and was about 20 yards uphill from where it was found?
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