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Originally Posted By: supertac45Every trapper, hunter, gun owner and those hoping to should belong.

Until recently I would have agreed with you... then I did my research and discovered that they are giving our liberty away one small piece at a time. I will not renew my membership when it expires next month. Instead I will be joining Gun Owners of America.

When I found out that the Brady Bill was dead in the water when the NRA stepped in and said, "we are eventually going to have this anyway so just let us write the bill and we will support it." They call it CBI InstaCheck instead of the Brady Bill but it is the same thing. They also lobbied to support the new Disclosure Act (that got defeated yesterday) as long as they were exempt. I am also tired of them giving "A" ratings to candidates that I KNOW are liberal scumbags. Them even considering supporting Harry Reid should tell you everything that you need to know about this once great organization.

Please, DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Do you own research.
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People don't generally realize that the "NRA" is actually 3 separate organizations. There's the NRA that everyone is familiar with that supports hunting and shooting sports, there's the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) that supports 2nd amendment rights, and there's the NRA-PVF (Political Victory Fund) that supports the best incumbent (based on his voting record) in an election.

GOA is a fine organization, but so is the NRA. I have a lifetime membership in the NRA but only send (additional) money to the NRA-ILA, which supports 2nd amendment rights (but NOT to the NRA-PVF).

It's not an either/or decision, I'd encourage anybody to join both.
Join the N.R.A.! Join Gun Owners of America! For the love of God put your money where your mouth is and just do something!!
In talking with them this morning ---
They have new program --
Lifetime membership -$500 - half price
Don't know the details ---call 800-672-3888
I got a lifetime membership a while back when it was discounted. Is the NRA perfect? No, but neither is any other organization because they have people as members and people in charge. People aren't perfect, even when they have the best of intentions. One of the reasons I chose to join the NRA is because of the absolute hatred liberals and the media have for them. Not saying GOA or others aren't doing good things, but you never hear a liberal politician talking about taking out anybody but the NRA. The NRA continues to have the most clout of the gun lobbyists and that's why I decided to add my name to their list of members.
^^^+1 NRA has led the pro gun fight from the get-go. Been a member since 1952, supported them with my time as a volunteer and money when, I could, and will continue to "dance with the gal what brung me". They still remain the most powerful opposition to the anti gun movement we have.